Secret Pals Contest Quiz

This quiz will challenge your knowledge of the Secret Pals Swap rules, as well as the Crochetville Forum Guidelines, and anything to do with the swapping experience.

If you score 85% or better you will be automatically entered into the drawing contest for a special prize. The purpose of this contest and quiz is to help you become more familiar with the rules and guidelines, in a fun-spirited way.

Created by: The Shrone of Home Burrough
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Who are the coordinators for this swap?
Craftimama, Lavelle26, CrochetCatSkills
The Shrone, Lavelle26, KnicKnac
KnicKnac, AmyS, Mom4x
ulie, The Shrone, Auntbubbles
4. What date is the internationally mailing deadline?
July 1, 2007
July 8, 2007
July 15, 2007
July 16, 2007
5. Delivery confirmation, when available, is a requirement.
6. What will happen to you if you fail to mail your final/reveal package according to the mailing deadline?
You will on 6 months probation for all swaps
You will be on 6 months probation for the SP swap only
You will be banned from the forum
Hired goons will come to your house and steal your yarn stash
7. How often am I required to contact my Known SP?
Once a day
Once a week
Once a month
Only once during the swap
8. What two ways of saying "thank you" is mandatory?
Thinking about it and then never doing it
Sending an e-mail to your Uknown SP with a "CC" to your coordinator and posting to the forum
Sending an e-mail to your Unknown and posting on your blog
Sending an e-mail to your coordinator and posting to the forum
9. Who are Anna's special assistants?
Ernie and Bert
Fred and Wilma
Pattycakes and Chloe
Smee and SweetPea
10. Who created the Secret Pals Mission Statement?
Amy S
The Shrone
11. The $25 spending minimum does not include postage.
12. Where would you find the Secret Pal FAQs?
In an e-mail sent to you by your coordinator
On the Crochetville forum
On the Secret Pal blog
This is a trick question
13. What are the names of the summer camps for this round?
Camp Ike Kinswa, Camp Stan Hedwell, Camp Bloedel Donovan
Camp Wynochee, Camp Cispus, Camp Humptulips
Camp Krusty Krab, Camp Skookumchuck, Camp Whatchamacallit
Camp Coppertone, Camp Homesick, Camp Mosquito Bite
14. If your coordinator contacts you by e-mail or PM, how many days do you have to give your reply?
One day
Two days
Seven days
Ten days
15. How many days duration is the Summer Round?
16. If you go on vacation or are going to be away from your home/work computer during the swap, you are excused from following the swap rules.
17. What is the new cost of the USPS Priority Mail flat rate box?
18. Sending electronic communications is the only way you can contact your Known Pal.
19. What is the minimum number of times you should contact your Known SP?
One time
Two times
Eight times
Nine times
20. If you plan on sending only one package, who should you notify of your mailing intention?
Your Unknown Pal
Your Known Pal
Your coordinator
21. What are the dates for the Secret Pals Winter Round?
October 15-December 15
November 15-January 15
January 15-March15
This is a trick question
22. What is the URL of the Secret Pals blog?
23. What will happen if more than 2 weeks lapses and you have not responded to repeat e-mails or PM' from the coordinator?
You will be on probation from all swaps for 6 months
You'll be banned from all swaps for 6 months
You will be banned from the forum
24. Which of the following is NOT a category on the Secret Pals blog?
Thank Yous
Hall of Shame
25. Who is your Unknown Pal?
The person that I anonymously send to
The person who anonymously sends to me
The person that no one knows who they are
The person that only the coordinator knows who they are
26. How many "Secret Pals" do you have during the round?
Only one, the anonymous person who sends to me
Two, the person who anonymously sends to me and the person I anonymously send to
This information cannot be known since it is a secret pal swap
27. What does the term "crochet related" item mean?
It means handmade crocheted items and crochet related supplies
It means only handmade crocheted items
It means whatever I want it to mean
It means whatever my Known Pal desires
28. What US postal holiday(s) will happen during the duration of this swap?
4th of July
Memorial Day
Memorial and 4th of July
Flag Day and 4th of July
29. Who are the Crochetville forum administrators?
Donna and Amy
Julie, Donna, and Amy
Amy, Xanth, goldi316
30. How many opportunities are you given to comply with the POSTMARK BY guidelines of the swaps in which you have chosen to participate?
31. If you are placed on probation this means you cannot participate in any swaps.
32. Who are the Rescue Rangers?
A campy 80s cartoon in which featured super hero squirrels
A voluntary group of partipants who help rescue stranded Secret Pals at the end of the swap
It was a spin-off show of the Lone Ranger in the 1950s
33. What happens if you accidentally reveal yourself to you Known SP?
You become a "not-so-secret" pal
You are arrested for indecent exposure
You are inducted into the Hall of Shame
You are kicked out of the swap and banned from participating again

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