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This quiz is about me. And science, too. I love everything in the world. Haha, I love you. I am Ashley. I love you. And I love my friends and everyone in the whole entire world. I love English.

Are you cool? I'm cool. I have a lot of friends. Some of them are Tiff, Toni, Lexi, Shelby. Some others are Julia, London and Ariel. I love everyone. I am cool. I love English class. Because it is cool. Yeah, I love it.

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1. what stores water and other minerals
2. What does a nucleus do?
digest food particles
break down food to make ATP
holds all cells DNA
packages up protein
3. ___________ make food using the energy of sunlight.
4. Ribosomes are...
used to digest food particles, wastes and other parts.
the site where amino acids are hooked together to make proteins
the control centers of the cell.
used to process and triansport materials out of cells.
5. What processes and transports material out of the cell?
endoplasmic reticulum
Golgi complex
6. _____________ break down food molecules to make ATP.
endoplasmic reticulum
7. ______________ digests food particles, wastes, cell parts & foreign invaders.
8. _________________ packages up protein for release from cell, makes lipids and breaks down drugs and other substances.
Golgi complex
endoplasmic reticulum
9. What is a function of a cell wall?
to not let cells divide
make it so the Golgi complex can't get out of the cell
create a barrier between ATP & DNA
protect & strengthen cell membrane
10. What is the organization of life?
cell, organ, tissue, organism, organ system, poplulation, community, ecosystem
cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism, population, community, ecosystem
cell, tussue, organ, organ system, organism, community, ecosystem
cell, tissue, organ, organism, organ system, community, population, ecosystem

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