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  • Level me up quiz
    [published: Aug 6, 2015]

    I am just close to junior so i made this poor excuse for a quiz. For the rest of this... it will be…

  • Do you know all about Wolves?
    [published: Aug 24, 2014]

    Think you know all about Wolves? Take this quiz to find out! Wolves are one of the most known wild…

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  • The Minefield
  • The Minefield
  • "I'm gudda cheeese, provolone, Borf. I see that."
  • Cody's Thread
    "Nope. Just so. Yes. Yes. It's a form of masturbation I think. I dunno. Welp."
  • "I'm better than trolls. I am.. Da Robot. Woof woof SCREEEEE- Anyways, thanks ma dude. "
  • Cody's Thread
    "Yes. ...No, It's just weird now. I see. Indeed."
  • The Minefield
  • "Wubalubadubdub I have no input here whatsoever."
  • The Minefield
    "I see. :3"
  • Cody's Thread
    "You. ....I'm not hitting any balls here. I am Batman, not Bat. ...Wow. Upp and down and round and round? "
  • The Minefield
    " Well okay then. Good luck in jail, you pedo. XD"
  • Cody's Thread
    "Yeah, you did. Round of applause? Yeah. Because... Batman can get free tacos and nachos- Duh. Just walk into a restaurant and"
  • The Minefield
    "Can, yes. With my consent. If it's without, then it's rape."
  • Cody's Thread
    "Yah, Anna is okay to call me. I go by many names. I prefer Batman to be honest... O.o)/ It has indeed been a while though. How have yo"
  • "I just feel like being a low-key A-hole. So it's okay. Post whatever you feel like, I am not a moderator. ..."

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