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  • How well do you know me?
    [published: Nov 1, 2017]

    This is a different kind of Are you a genius quiz.I just did this for fun but you're free to take the…

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  • Yo Nix!
    "Knight layed near the fire. Chelsea yawned."
  • Yo Nix!
    "Knight then started chewing on a bone. Chelsea rested against the tree,enjoying the warm of the fire."
  • Demon's Official Thread
    "But that doesn't mean that I don't have a heart..*shrugs and takes a sip of my beer*"
  • Yo Nix!
    "Knight chuffed back at him before she grabbed a piece of meat and took it to Vincent. Chelsea then started to eat some of the m"
  • Yo Nix!
    "Chelsea soon cooked it thoroughly before she lets it cool off for a while. Once it was cool enough,she cutted off a piece and held it out to..."
  • Yo Nix!
    "Chelsea then began to cook the meat. Knight wagged her tail as she smelled the delightful scent."
  • Yo Nix!
    "Chelsea laughed softly"I can't eat it raw but I know how to cook it." She said as she grabbed some branches and puts them in a pile,away fro..."
  • Yo Nix!
    "Knight chuffed back. Chelsea looked up and saw them as she smiled"I see you caught a rabbit.""
  • Yo Nix!
    "Knight followed him. Chelsea was awake and was reading her book."
  • Yo Nix!
    "Knight sat down as she perked her ears up."
  • "Okay.) Midnight watched as the sun setted for the night before she flew off towards the human city as she landed in the park as"
  • Yo Nix!
    "Knight tilted her head."
  • Yo Nix!
    "Knight looked at the thing he killed."
  • "Wanna ts to when they meet up again at night?)"
  • Yo Nix!
    "Knight chuffed at him."

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