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  • Which God of Chaos are you?
    [published: Jul 27, 2013]

    The realm of Chaos is a place of emotion and immaterium. Where strange warp beasts roam free and the…

  • Are you a Brony?
    [published: Apr 2, 2012]

    Being a member of the Brony community is a wonderful place to be. Most people would try and down My Little Pony…

  • What random food are you?
    [published: May 26, 2010]

    there are already hundreds of quizes out there that make absolutely no sense, im just here to add to…

  • are you as awsome as barber bob 2
    [published: Mar 1, 2010]

    this quiz really only applies to the people that know me. if you know me on go to quiz then…

  • Which Warhammer 40k race are you?
    [published: Dec 10, 2009]

    in the dark future of the 41st millinia there is only war. the choice is yours, who will you…

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  • Personality Test
  • "Okay so I'm running a Dungeons & Dragons game and my party is about to enter a museum curated by a lawful neutral lich. (Think owl from ..."
  • If you ask me
    "As the person who successfully petitioned to have most of those forums added, I'm against it."
  • "That's really good! I love the cross-hatching."
  • "Barbweviv2"
  • Cryptic Message
  • Cryptic Message
    "Robert thought for a second in contemplation. "Friendships here are only as important as you make them. If you look back at those you "
  • Cryptic Message
    ""Perhaps not." Thought Robert. His realization that the place he had once called home had changed finally settling in. Robert remembered bac..."
  • Cryptic Message
    "Robert looked back at the people he had known here. He remembered their names fondly. From the early days of ILM and Hikaru, on through to h..."
  • Cryptic Message
    "Robert sighed. He remembered the strange and yet familiar surroundings. He took note of what he saw. "Same colors as before. Sa"
  • Land of Stars and Echoes
    "good luck! sorry to hear your car's been having troubles. But I'm glad things are starting to go well. Enjoy your day off!"
  • "I'm not really sure who you are. You've apparently had a profile for a while though so I guess you seem okay. I don't think I dislike you. ..."
  • ""
  • private chatting thread 2.0
    "I'm not sure what's going on. Is lief pretending to be me or something? Or am I just reading things out of context?"
  • private chatting thread 2.0
    "10,000 year's will give you such a crick in the neck."

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