Princess or Witch?

There are many Evil Witchs, but not many Pure Princesses or Princes as much. Princesses are, afterall exceptional. What is a Pure Princess? A Pure Princess is someone who cares about others and totally see everything from another point of view.

Are YOU a Pure Princess or Prince? Do you have the thoughtfulness or kindness to qualify for that highly royal title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few seconds you will find out!

Created by: amazon
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1. When someone has tripped over do you go and help them?
Sometimes when I am feeling good
2. If somebody asks you if their new dress looks good and you think it looked horrible on her, what do you say in reply?
"Yuk! You look like a freak!'
"Yeah. It looks kind of nice on you..."
"Enchanting! Yoy look beautiful!"
"Are you coming to school camp?"
3. If someone comes up and says 'Boo!I see you!" what would you say?
'Go away!'
'Hello which class are you from?"
"Ahh! You scared me!"
4. Your bestie comes up with red eyes and you know she's been crying. She tells you that she did not get the prize she wanted because you took it first. What do you do?
"It's mine, and I got it first!"
"Okay you can have it if you want."
"Of course! Why not?"
"Please don't cry! Here take the prize."
5. Your teacher says you did a great job on Engish and gives you a reward. What you do?
Snatch the reward and walk away.
Say "thank you" and walk away.
Take the reward and bow.
6. Its Mothers Day. What do you buy?
A simple plastic bag with the name 'I love Momy' witten in rough black handwriting.
A beautiful scarf and a pink card.
A 2 storey house and a musem.
7. You have $2. What do you do with it?
Spend it.
Give it away to poor people.
8. Did you ever liked or loved someone?
9. Did you ever invite friends to your house?
10. Are you lying this whole time?

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