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1. According to a National Institute of Mental Health study
light television viewers are more trusting than heavy television viewers
heavy tv viewers are more fearful than light tv viewers
there is no direct correlation of viewing violence on tv with aggressive behavior
light TV viewers are more apprehensive than heavy TV viewers
children who watch children's programming, like SESAME STREET, may be more hyperactive
2. In his book, NO SENSE OF PLACE, Joshua Meyorwitz concludes that
TV reinforces the innocence of childhood
TV confirms the differences between the sexes
TV helps people know their place in society
TV blurs the distinction between childhood and adulthood
all of the above
3. Joseph McCarthy did all but which of the following
was eventually censured by his colleagues in the Senate
presided over the Army-McCarthy hearings
brought the Hollywood 10 before the House Committee on Un-American Activities
created the Code of Wartime Practices for American Broadcasters
aggressively hunted communists in the US
4. "who? says what? on which channel? to whom? with what effect?" is a communication model that was designed by
Hadley Cantril
David Potter
Harold Lasswell
Wilbur Schramm
Marshall McLuhan
5. the two step flow of communication is
when people uncritically accept information from the media
from presidential candidates to the public
between TV advertisers and children
the transmittal of information from mass media to opinion leaders to friends
the connection between TV programs and aggressive behavior
6. Getting a newspaper to write stories about a new toy is an example of
product public relations
crisis public relations
financial public relations
governmental public relations
7. In the future, PR people must
incorporate new technologies
pay close attention to the media industries
be aware of changing demographics
expand overseas
all of the above
8. Which of the following is NOT a defense against libel
the First Amendment
fair comment
all of the above
9. Carolyn Martindale's study of ethnic groups in THE NEW YORK TIMES indicates that
children see good ethnic role models on TV
the media reflect the nation's ethnic diversity well
children get racist ideas about people of different ethnic groups from the media
most non white groups are visible "only in glimpses" in the media
all of the above
10. According to David M. Potter, in the book PEOPLE OF PLENTY, when does advertising being "to fulfill a really essential economic function"?
when potential supply outstrips demand
when demand exceeds supply
when producers can sell as much as they produce
in an economy of scarcity
none of the above
11. After Congress held hearings on violent content in TV programming in 1993, cable operators and network broadcasters agreed:
to eliminate violent content from prime time TV
to develop violence ratings for TV programming
to have an independent monitor review programming for violent content
that government had no business interfering in programming matters
b and c
12. After the Roth and Miller cases, determining obscenity is the responsibility of:
state censorship boards
local committees made up of distributors and exhibitors of sexually explicit material
local school boards
local courts
the US Supreme Court
13. The Cantril study of media effects found that
most people uncritically accepted information from the media
media content should be strictly controlled
children were greatly influenced by the movies they saw
certain content should be regulated by state governments
better-educated people were less likely to believe what the media said
14. Marshall McLuhan is best remembered for which concept?
The medium is the message
Children are greatly influenced by the movies they see
Most people uncritically accept information from the media
Advertising fulfills an economic function
TV is too violent
15. Researcher Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann says the media discourage people from expressing views that disagree with the prevailing point of view. She calls this effect
the consensus factor
the magic bullet
pressure to conform
the spiral of silence
media antipathy
16. The 1971 study of violence and TV (Television and Social Behavior) found that
there was no connection between TV programming and aggressive behavior
sex-role stereotyping was potentially more socially harmful than violence
TV violence affected some children who were already predisposed to violence
only two of the 10 prime time TV programs could be called "violent"
all of the above
17. The nation's largest single employer of public information people is:
television networks
the Edison Electric Company
the federal government
18. Which medium, when its use became widespread, first prompted scholars to expand their study and analysis of the effects of media on society
19. The Public Relations Society of America
counteracts negative foreign publicity about the US
designed a code of ethics for public relations professionals
is affiliated with the federal government
boycotted against a government imposed code of ethics
all of the above
20. After studying the 1972 presidential race (THE UNSEEING EYE), researchers Thomas Patterson and Robert McClure concluded that political advertising on TV
has little effect on most people
is the least cost-effective method of reaching registered voters
could get voters to switch their support to another candidate
has more effect on issues than candidates do
all of the above
21. Part of the rising cost of presidential campaigns is due to
the costs to debate other candidates on TV
the increased costs of TV advertising
whistlestop campaigns by train
the increased costs of newspaper advertising
all of the above
22. Which of the following was not part of the "Declaration of Principles" published by Ivy Lee in 1906 on behalf of his public relations firm, Lee & Parker?
supplying news to the media
subjects of value and interest to the public
working openly, not secretly
supporting Christian principles
prompt and accurate information
23. Which was the first major media effects study to find taht people with different personality characteristics interpreted media messages differently?
The Payne Fund Studies
Television and Social Behavior
The Lasswell Model study
The Cantril Study
24. An example of well-managed "crisis public relations" occurred during:
the introduction of Cabbage Patch Dolls in 1983
the placement of a two and a half story pair of tennis shoes on hotels
the Johnson and Johnson Company's effort after Tylenol was connected to poisoning deaths
the Nixon administration's effort to distance itself from the Watergate break-in
all of the above
25. Which of the following was not an attempt by government to control free speech?
the recording industry's labels about controversial lyrics
the Smith Act of 1940
the Espionage Act of 1918
the Alien and Sedition Laws of 1798
the 1940's and 1950's congressional investigations of communists
26. the first publicity firms in the US were hired to
promote the federal government
encourage the passage of legislation favorable to Wall Street
specifically garner public support for US involvement in WWI
blunt public criticism of railroads and other industries
get favorable news coverage for politicians
27. The media can invade privacy by
using someone's name or likeness for commercial benefit
placing someone in a false light
intruding on a person's physical or mental solitude
disclosing embarrassing personal facts
all of the above
28. The theory that alleged that ideas from the media were in a direct causal relationship to behavior was called the
magic bullet theory
media behavior theory
theory of selective perception
limited effects theory
reinforcement theory
29. The V-Chip and the Child Online Protection Act
allow government to restrict children's access to inappropriate material
require a mandatory ratings system for children's programs
allow parents to restrict children's access to inappropriate material
allow children unlimited access to TV and Internet services
all of the above
found that opinion leaders often provide and shape information for the general public
found that the media convinced a majority of voters to vote for one candidate over the other
was the first major study of the influence of media on local political elections
was a comprehensive examination of candidate behavior
all of the above
31. The SHEPPARD v. MAXWELL case
involved tape dubbing and copyright violations
established the legal precedent for limiting press access to courtrooms
upheld the governments right to eminent domain
established the legal precedent of allowing cameras in the courtroom
all of the above
32. Children who watch a lot of television, according to a 1981 California study:
are more likely to go to college than children who watch less TV
have lower scores on math, reading and writing tests
have lower IQs than children who watch less TV
have higher scores on math, reading, and writing tests
do the same on math, reading, and writing tests

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