Poso kala me 3ereis??

Oriste ena endiaferon test...... 3erete pragmatika ti krivetai pisw apo enan an8rwpo?? 3erete ti krivetai pisw apo tous filous sas??? 3erete ti krivetai pisw apo tin Maria Mixailidou????

Iparxoun polloi p nomizoun pws me 3eroun.... An 8elete na diapistwsete an pragmatika me 3erete kai poso kala me 3erete, kante t pio katw test..... Maria xXx

Created by: Maria Michaelidou

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  1. Ti organo paizw??
  2. Posa aderfia exw??
  3. Me poia omada eimai???
  4. Poio einai to agapimeno m ma8ima??
  5. Pws lene ton aderfo m??
  6. Poio einai to agapimeno m fagito??
  7. Ti idietera paw??
  8. Poio einai to agapimeno m ergo??
  9. Poio 8a itan to idaniko dwro gia mena??
  10. Poio einai to agapimeno m vivlio??

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