Porcupine or Rabbit?

So I am a psychology major. Its what I do, who I am, and what I love. From various personal experiences, hearsay, and observations I have formulated my own personal theory on love styles. There seems to be two main styles that emerge among people, the personality of the porcupine and that of a rabbit. The characteristics of each shall be described in more detail at the end of this quiz.

I know my test is guilty of gross overgeneralization, and many questions could be answered in more than one way. But just have fun with it and glean what you can about your own personal style in a relationship. Like does not always go to like - sometimes opposites attract but it is important to be able to understand and identify differences between you and your partner so as to keep the road to romance smooth. later! â??nicole

Created by: Nicole Walker of myspace
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3. If your significant other comes over to you and starts loving on you during your favorite TV show what is the most likely course of action you would take?
Return the gesture of affection and then curl them up next to you to continue watching the show.
Sit there and try to ignore them, wow can't they leave you alone for a hot second and get off of you? Geezz
4. Your significant other expresses to you their desire to hear from you in some form or fashion at least once a day, your reaction...
Woaaa there buddy. You think if you don' t hear from me everyday I am dead or something? Jeez
Duh! Of course I want to hear from you everyday too so I know how you are and so I can let you know that I am thinking about you.
5. Your first thought when Friday night comes around...
Hells yea its time to party and get drunk with the peeps! Woot!
You can't wait to keep the date you previously made with your significant other. Oh what to wear?
6. You and your significant other enter into a disagreement, you then proceed to...
continue to calmly discuss the cause of discord until you both understand where the other is coming from and respectfully agree to disagree.
Try to remain calm but as the discussion progresses you begin to realize you are right and theya re wrong and you become agitated that they fail to realize this.
7. Say you and your other have just finished a hot, steamy, wet love-a-thon what happens next...
You roll away to cool down and get some breathing room. Damn you just put on the best performance of your life and they still want more attention? WTF!?!
You pull them close, and hold them until your sweaty, sticky selves dose off to slumber
8. So everything and work sucked, you had a fight with a friend but your significant other still wants to keep your date. During the date they try to hold your hand as you are walking to the restaurant...
you return the gessture you return the gesture half-heartedly. Maybe if they get it they will stop their incessant yapping.
You pull away aghast at human contact. If they cared they would know this was a time to back off and give you space.
9. Your going out with really good friends of the opposite sex. Your significant other asks to tag along...
Hmm so this send's a big red *ding ding* they don't trust you. Without trust you have nothing. Time to run like mascara!!
You don't really care, of course they would want to be with you because you are the s---! And if it makes them happy then its all gravy.
10. So you and your significant other have been dating for a while and tonight is all about some much needed alone time! You both go out with your separate friends. They call you at 2 in the morning drunk and oozing affection on the phone. What do you do..
Have pity on the poor drunk lush and pacify them by talking on the phone for while.
Wow. They couldn't leave you alone for one freaking night? No way are you picking up that call unless it is to tell them to give you some f---ing space!
11. Wooboy! So you and your significant other have made it to that big huge step and after months of dating are now using the big four letter word L--e! How often do you use it?
Man I can't stop saying it! I am floating on cloud nine! I l--e you I l--e you I l--e you!!
I say it only when I feel especially moved to say it. Better to use it sparingly you know?
12. So your significant other is so excited about a movie that has just come out. They want to see it sooo bad but you would rather poke your eyes out than see this movie. So you...
Explain to them that it would be best they go with a friend to see it becuase you have no interest in watching it. No no no!
go and see it with them. Take one for the team. After all everyone knows when you make your significant other happy they will return the favor.
13. And finally, you and your significant other are in public. How do you act together?
You can't be too close to them. You always like to be touching them in some small way.
Just depends on the mood for that day. Maybe stand close to them and hug on them, maybe just need space. It all just depends but you will let them know if they shouldn't invade you bubble.

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