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  • Uhh for one question there are no ground types for answers bro

    Nightwing22 Mar 17 '15, 4:31AM
  • I hate pokemon. My brother got obsessed recently. I got 100%. I had to retake it because with the 2 fire types i got messed up. Can't wait to have my brother try. He thinks he is the best pokemon master ever.

    EmmyTheViolist Oct 17 '14, 2:33AM
  • I literally just pressed random answers and I got 45%. YAY RANDOMNESS!!! Oh, for you pokmon people, watch Lavender Town, Rotten Yellow, and Lost Silver. Creepy

    JTheGreat Sep 4 '14, 12:20AM
  • Two errors in two of your questions.
    1. In the fire type question, both Ninetales and Arcanine are fire types.
    2. In the ground/water question, none of those Pokemon are ground types.

    Roboticlus Prime Jul 13 '14, 8:45PM
  • You need to get these right
    1. Sharpedo is water and dark
    2. Arcanine is a fire type as well
    3. Don't get me started on the spelling

    Baconerd Apr 26 '14, 7:53AM
  • The one that said that which is the ground type that goes in water is wrong

    Thunder_Swift Aug 11 '13, 2:15AM
  • No offence, but your the one who needs educated on Pokemon. Half the names were spelled wrong!

    pikachew Nov 10 '12, 9:18AM

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