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Stardust1 said:
May 16 '17, 8:29PM

Just call me Tessa Rose, I guess. This was fun :)

AshleyO said:
May 14 '15, 10:03AM

Hello yes why am I plane jane when I'm not even a plane????? Just saying.

Lilixanne said:
Mar 16 '15, 7:34AM

This is such a sexist quiz...
First time I took it I got Plain Jane, the boring one. Then I gave the exact same answers again but changed only the gender from female to male, and I got Captain Silver Beard Jones, the fearless tough pirate. Like WTF??? So I can't be tough just because I'm a girl?!

Carri04 said:
Dec 29 '10, 7:29AM

Pirate Name Generator
Your Result: Captain Tessa Rose

Captain Tessa Rose is a name that matches with the adventurous personality. You usually show no quarter if betrayed by a friend and have a short temper. You can be sweet when you want but might just blow a fuse. You take many risks and don't care about never making it back.

i likey xD

CrazyThunder said:
Apr 5 '09, 10:07AM

Pirate Name Generator
Your Result: Captain Silver Beard Jones

Maybe the most fearless most ruthless pirate that ever sailed the seven seas. You hate sweets or anything sweet but can always use a wench to keep you company. You probably hate everything but your crew and have the shortest temper I've ever seen. If someone gets in your way while you're mad nobody may eversee them again and the only one who can calm you down is your daughter.
Slim-eye Joe

Plain Jane

Captain Tessa Rose

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