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Tara_Green said:
Jan 10 '17, 3:02PM

Hg is quicksilver, you dummie.

Babeizpink said:
Aug 13 '15, 8:56PM


addept said:
Apr 11 '15, 5:12AM

Try this again with the z number.

mathemania said:
Mar 19 '14, 4:26PM

I got 94%. To me this is a pleasing result but it does indicate a slight slip up somewhere. I am generally A to Z confident about chemical symbols for elements but I still find it hard to remember absolutely all of them. I am 47 years old now and 29 years ago I did O level Chemistry and got a grade D.

Kevie said:
Dec 15 '13, 7:45PM

100%! I love the periodic table of elements! It is my favorite subject in science. Nice quiz!

XXBunnyXX said:
Jan 3 '13, 3:18AM

awesome in the 7th grade, top of my class in advanced science got 100%...all of my projects in that class are on the 'young einstine' wall

Kepler said:
Dec 16 '12, 12:34PM


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