people who takes all story quizzes i need your help

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Star dreamer said:
Aug 10 '14, 6:42AM

I think u should do them all, first the third one, she sees a guy, falls in love, guy become her boyfriend, OF2YEARS;;, the first one, then a few days later the boyfriend breaks up with her, HER MOM DIES AND GMA GOES missing, she is crying on the bench in a beautiful garden, she thought she was alone but it turns out the guy that she can't help, but falling in love with in ur first option. Just an idea.:)

chopinssonata said:
Aug 27 '12, 4:31PM

Im not sure. When writing something like this, you need there to be a steady plot that keeps your story going and readers interested. They could all use work for the plot but, the third sounded the best. Depending on the storyline, depends on the name.

GinnyGirl said:
Aug 22 '12, 5:28AM

I likey the third one.

scolionophobia said:
Jul 25 '12, 9:09PM

ok, so i need name.

Reanna15146 said:
Jul 25 '12, 5:07PM

I think the first one sounds best...and there are sooo many things you could do with it that you couldn't really do with the I like the first best...

Firey_Soul said:
Jul 25 '12, 11:51AM

GRRR I like ALL of them. But pehaps you should write the third one because it seems pretty intriguing.

ivoryleaf said:
Jul 24 '12, 11:27PM

OMG TRENT XD I love that name :) I think the third one has the most potential. Work on that one. Is it about romance or mostly about suspense and such? Because I have names flashing in my head already :D

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