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  • 51.1K
    Are you hot,cute, or ugly?
    rated: 3.1/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 51.1K times | 69 comments

    I was motivated to create this quiz when I saw others like this that lack alot of details in which can make a person hot or ugly. I've created a more …

  • 2.6K
    Which Chocolate Brand are you most like?
    rated: 3.36/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 2.6K times | 31 comments

    There Are Many people who love chocolates. People would love butterfinger, or snickers, or reeses! Afterall, Chocolate is a classic pastry to …

  • 14.2K
    What flavor cookie are you?
    rated: 3.35/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 14.2K times | 86 comments

    We all love cookies right? I sometimes roll around in my bed wondering what type of cookie I am. Just kidding, that would be kind of weird. Anyways if …

  • 1.3K
    What Soup Suits You?
    rated: 3/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 1.3K times | 22 comments

    Soup is a splendid foodstuff, yet it is often overlooked as a true companion for a happy life. Many's the traffic warden who felt they were just …

  • 421
    UFS Personality Profile
    rated: 3.19/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 421 times | 0 comments

    We all love UFS, but there's different kinds of players. Spikes like to win, Timmy is all about casual play, Johnny is the combo man, and there are of …

  • 8.3K
    Are you racist?
    rated: 2.6/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 8.3K times | 23 comments

    "There are many racist people, but few true haters. Racism is, afterall, quite exceptional. What is Racism? Racism is someone who hates all that is …

  • 553
    How Well Do You Know Gamespot OT?
    rated: 3.31/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 553 times | 5 comments

    There are many people on Gamespot Off-Topic, but only a few of them know what it really means to be a true OTer. A true OTer knows his stuff. The …

  • 9.4K
    Does he like me?
    rated: 2.76/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 9.4K times | 20 comments

    Are you sat alone thinking; "Does he actually like me? Or am I an idiot?" Well this quiz should set your mind straight. Are you so unbelievably …

  • 51.6K
    Who Will You Marry?
    rated: 2.78/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 51.6K times | 26 comments

    ***READ THIS DISCRIPTION*** In order to get accurate results, please get a peice of paper and a pen. Write the numbers 1-5 vertically, and follow …

  • 417
    How well do you know GS OT?
    rated: 3.82/5Promoted 9 years ago | taken 417 times | 1 comment

    There are many forums on the Interwebs. However, not all forums are created equal. Some forums are for those who have no brain (aka 4chan), and some …