Of Mice and Men Test

This is a test on the book Of Mice and Men by John Stienbeck. It the main events of the novel as well as some minor ones. It is helpful to take if you are studying for a quiz, or just want to see how well you know the book.

How well do you know the book Of Mice and Men? Do you think you know everything about it? Do you think you pass this test with your eyes closed? If so, take this test and prove yourself right!

Created by: Jessica
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1. Of Mice and Men is set in which decade?
2. What is George's last name?
His last name is never given
3. What is Lennie's last name?
His last name is never given
4. What does George tell Lennie when he is drinking water from the pool?
He tells him to drink a lot of water
He tell him not to drink so much or he'll get sick
He tells him that it's his turn to have a drink
5. Why is George mad at the bus driver?
He didn't take them all the way to the ranch
He took them to the wrong state
He stole all of their money
6. What did George and Lennie get from Murray and Ready's?
$5.00 and maps
Food and maps
Work cards and bus tickets
Bus tickets and $10.00
7. Why does Lennie have a dead mouse in his pocket?
He wanted to pet it while they walked along
He was going to throw it away
He never had one, George just thought he did
Someone he didn't know put it in there
8. What is the name of the town in which George and Lennie have fled from?
It is never named
9. Why did George and Lennie leave that town?
They wanted to work in a new place
They didn't like the other people
They were offered a better job
Lennie was accused of rape
10. What excites Lennie most about his dream life with George?
He will get to tend rabbits
He will get to use a stove
He will get to have a garden
He will have a vegetable patch
11. What does George want Lennie to do when they meet the boss?
Do all the talking
Only speak when spoken to
Lie to the boss
Not say anything
12. What does Lennie say he can do if George does not want him around anymore
He says he can get his own farm
He says he can go off into the hills and find a cave
He says he can just stay behind at the pool
He says he can get a job away from George
13. Who is the first person George and Lennie meet at the ranch?
The Boss
Curley's Wife
14. Why does Curley wear a glove full of Vaseline on one hand?
It's to sooth an old boxing injury
It makes it easier for him to handle farm equipment
He wants to keep his hand soft for his wife
15. When does George say it is okay for Lennie to talk to Curley's wife?
Only if he wants to
Only when she talks to him first
As often as possible because she is lonely
16. What is Old Susy's Place?
A saloon
A resturant
A shop
A flophouse
17. Why dosn't Candy want to get rid of his old dog?
The dog is still useful at the farm
He had the dog since it was a pup
He thinks he can sell the dog for money
He plans to breed the dog
18. Why does Carlson insist on shooting Candy's dog?
The dog has attacked him several times
He thinks the dog is too old to be of any use
He simply hates dog
He thinks Candy spends too much time with the animal
19. What does Curley wear to set himself apart from the other men?
A hat
High-heeled boots
A different colored shirt
20. Who cared for Lennie before George?
Lennie's aunt Clara
George's mother
Lennie's mother
George's aunt Clara
21. How did Crooks get his name?
He has a crooked back
He walks in a crooked pattern
He was named that after his personality
He just likes to be called that
22. Who do George and Lennie agree to let live on their farm with them?
Curley's wife
23. How does Lennie hurt Curley?
He breaks his leg
He breaks his jaw
He breaks his hand
He breaks his neck
24. What does Crooks say to Lennie that upsets him?
He says that George might be hurt
He says that he dosn't like Lennie
He say's that he dosn't like rabbits
He tells Lennie to go away
25. What did Curley's wife have a chance to be?
A nurse
A writer
A movie star
A farmer
26. What does Curley's wife offer to let Lennie touch?
Her dress
A rabbit she found
Her hair
A piece of cloth
27. Who finds Curley's wife dead?
28. Who's gun does George take before he goes to find Lennie?
His own
29. After killing Curley's wife, what does Lennie imagine to scold him for his bad behavior?
George and Curley
George's mother and the boss
His aunt Clara and a giant rabbit
Crooks and his aunt Clara
30. What does George say to Lennie before shooting him?
He tells him that he's done a bad thing
He tells him to think of the farm they are going to get
He tells him to think of a rabbit
He tells him how he ruined their plan
31. Who was the only person to understand the bond between George and Lennie?
The boss

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