Northern Californian Wisdom Assessment

So, you've driven the Avenue but have you really lived in Humboldt? Planned your shopping around the Farmer's Market schedule? Do you know the difference between Steelhead and RavensBrau? Do you know WHY you should be at the Jetty on Mother's Day? Take this quiz to find out.

The North Coast is a unique place, socially and geographically and while I set this quiz up with scores and such, it was really just because I'm homesick.

Created by: LeBeau
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3. When someone says "Meet me on the plaza" they are talking about meeting up in...
4. The Dixieland Jazz Fesitval is
A "must attend" event
the largest festival of its kind in the state
usually rained on
a good reason to head to Reno for a few days.
5. For a spring day in Eureka, you should wear/bring...
Sunscreen and a straw hat
A warm sweater
an umbrella
All of the above
6. Black Sands Beach is located near
Shelter Cove
Willow Creek
7. Pierson's is the area's best...
Bar and Grill
Building supply, hardware store and nursery
8. The Humboldt County Fairgrounds are just outside...
9. Duane Flatmo is...
A County Supervisor
Mayor of Eureka
A local artist
The oldest living resident of Humboldt County
10. Tom Razooly...
is a local politician
is a brilliant sculpter
owned a strip club
legally changed his name to "The Great Razooly"
All of the above
None of the above
11. "Coastal morning fog and low clouds with partial afternoon clearing, highs in the 50s to mid 60s with clear skies and higher temperatures inland" is a typical weather forecast...
Year 'round
April through October
November through March
Spring and fall
12. If you live in Alderpoint, you probably attended high school at
Mack High
South Fork
Arcata High

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