Nightwalkers story (for girls only)

Hey this is Mega_crazy. OK I know I don't like cliff hangers but I'm trying one. It will be like only part 1 2 3 4 I won't go too long. But the better comments I get the more parts I may or may not make. But if you want the descriptions you need to do my other quizzes.

I can post them on the comment page and then you'll know whats going on and who I'm actually talking about. Also this is an actually book and it is quiet interesting. Again I'll post the other nightwalker quizzes on the comment bored for everyone to check out if they choose.

Created by: Megahn
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3. Your standing at a random bar called "6 feet under" It's a popular place for those who aren't vampiers to act like one and a vampier to show themselves. Then James Danaus and Jarbie are beside you. Who do you see first?
4. Then Jarbie comes and teloportes you and him to his home in Egypt. and he tells you "___ You are in grave danger. Those other 2 men will try and trick you into beliveing you love one of them. But I truly love you. Please stay here and they will never touch you." You say...
I guess I'll stay
But Danaus was soo cute
James is rly cute
5. Before you could say anything Jarbie wrapes his arms around your waist and then kisses you posseivly. He's gental and firm and it shows deep compassion. What's you reaction
*kisses back* Leave me alone
*pulls away sligtly to smile at him*
*pushes him away rudley*
6. In the blink of an eye you guys are in London England where you meet Mira, The Fire Starter. "Hello ____ it is a pl-pl-plesure to meet u* She says icely. Jarbie then grips your hand and you him and Mira set out walking. Mira brings up "Jarbie wana see a new trick of mine." Delighted Jarbie agrees. Whats going throught your head
Will she set me on fire
Whats the trick
Is Jarbie mine
Why is Mira so mean
7. Mari walks to the other side of the dock and whispers to you "Mira is just jelouse of you, she'll get over it"
Thats a relife
8. In a moments notice your in the arms of Daraus. He screams "You lier get out of here and leave Mira and ___ alone!" You end up waking up in a strange room with Danaus sitting close by his hand in yours.
*jerks away*
*looks around confused*
9. You get up slowly and Danus move with you. Confused you fall backwards and he catches you with ease.
How sweet
Whats going on?
Im fine
10. He then cradles you in his arms and says "___ you must be an angel or demon because of how much I feel for you" With that he presses a kiss to your forehead and then sets you down. Sluggishly you go take a shower and you are thinking "Whats going on...Why am I a target of intrest?...How are they moving my with-in seconds?"
Alittle bit
11. You hear Danaus outside the door. You get out mostly because the hot water is turning cold but you open the door fully dressed to see him looking at a book. He sees you and quickley flits to your side.
Awwwww =)
Ummmmm ok?
12. Slowly you open a door. Outside there is food. Hungerly you eat it. Danaus murmmers something then Mira Jarbie and James apper!
Whos James
Jarbie has come back
Mira wont kill me right?
13. Your getting pulled by a forse by Jarbie. You have Darnaus gripping your arm. And there is little James looking at you with puppy eyes. "___ Please choose me...I would never forgive myself if you got hurt by one of them" James points to Jarbie and Danuse still playing tugg of war on u.
James help alittle please
Get off both of you
*walks to Jarbie*
*walkes to Danus*
14. Suddenly there is a strange burst of light!
Wat wat wat
15. CLIFF HANGER!!! (im trying something new so don't kill me when I do this LOL PS this is Mega_crazy and also give me ur quizzes so i can check them out)

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