Naruto character test

Are you hyperactive like naruto? Maybe you're the hated orochimaru? Or maybe you're the all powerful gaara ^_^/. Find out by taking this test. Good luck.

Are you the greates nin that the world has ever seen? You'll find out by taking this test. You may be suprised. But hey, enough of my blabbering. Take the test!

Created by: Chris
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. You are confronted by 3 enemies do you...?
Stand there look at them then crush them all with one blow?
Charge at them with all your might?
Hesitate and then blush?
Look to your crush for support?
Laugh then charge at them?
Tell them how they will lose then speedily move towards them then maneuver around them?
4. One of your friends are held hostage do you...?
Hurry to save them no matter what?
Grunt, 'They are not worth saving if they got captured in the first place'
Do nothing because you think you are not worthy?
Hope someone saves them quickly?
Look to someone else to help them?
Find the person who is holding them hostage and crush them?
5. You have been assigned to a d rank mission. Do you..?
Walk off ' I'm too good for this.'?
Do it unwillingly. A ninja must know discipline.
Stay silent and do nothing?
comply happily just to show your sensei how good you are.
Shrug? 'I might aswell. I've nothing better to do.'
6. you have been pitted against your friend in an exam. Do you....
Shyly drop your head and say 'I don't want to fight you?'
Smirk and think 'This will be interesting'?
Sigh and say 'It's about time'
Attack your friend before the proctor has begun the battle?
Give up.
Wish your friend good luck and fight.
7. You are hurt in battle do you...
Struggle up and charge back at the opponent?
Use a replacement jutsu?
Get up calmly then destroy them?
Struggle to your feet?
Stay down for a while?
Get up and pretend you're not hurt?
8. You find out about a plot to invade your village. Do you...?
Tell someone about this plot?
Go to the source of the plot and slap that b***h upside the head?
Instantly kill the guy who was plotting it?
Attempt to gather an army to counter the invasion?
Say nothing. No one will listen.
Go with your instinct and captur the plotter and take them to your sensei?
9. You wake up to find a volcanoe erupting outside of your bedroom window. Do you...?
Gasp in awe then try to help your friends out?
Jump up and evacuate as many as you can?
Scream and shout for help?
Get up and walk out of the village?
PANIC! The ramen shop is on fire!
Laugh then walk off?
10. You have reached your limit on chakra. It is clear that your opponent still has charka left and is about to attack. Do you...?
Brace yourself for whatever attack comes up.
Cocoon yourself?
Search for an inner chakra?
Open your 5 gates?
Give up?
Cry and say 'This is it'
11. You have been given the choice t sacrifice one of your friends for your own life or vice versa. Do you...
Sacrifice my friend. That's one more out of my way.
'I don't have any friends'
'Who needs friends? I can't die until i have done what i need to do.'
'I will sacrifice mself if you will stick to the bargain.'
Kill the person giving you the choice.
12. Your local ramen shop is closing down. What is running through your mind?
Well that is sad to hear.
How unfortunate.
Ack i hate ramen

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