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Choose the right character from these movies that you are sure to know from your child years and later. Can you score enough points by naming these people to become a genius? find out right now!

Take this character quiz to prove to youself or friends that you know your stuff! They will have to believe you when you earn the highest score. And have fun with it; it's just a game!

Created by: megan
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1. I'm large in the middle and I get stuck in certain places if I eat too much. Who am I?
Augustus Gloop
Cynthia Bowman
2. I created halloween movies. In one, there is a wedding bride who was dead. Who am I?
Johnny Depp
Tim Burton
Dr. Seuss
3. When a baby, I was blessed by three fairies and cursed to touch a spindle and die by an evil witch. Who am I?
4. I wanted the spotted puppies. So when they grew older, I had my men steal them. Who Am I?
Leonardo Di Caprio
Kermit the Frog
Cruella De Vil
5. I accompanied a flying boy in all green. I cannot speak but am envious of Wendy. Who am I?
Tinker Bell
Buzz Lightyear
6. I love my honey. Christopher Robin is my pal. Who am I?
Mary Poppins
Winnie the Pooh
7. I have a dog named Pluto, and I was created by Walt Disney. Who Am I?
Mickey Mouse
Humphrey Bogart
8. My father almost killed the man I loved. I have a raccoon friend and I sing about the colors of the wind. Who am I?
Jimminy Cricket
9. Our uncle is a duck. We belong to the Junior Woodchucks and often outsmart our peers. Who are We?
The three Stooges
Mickey and Minnie
Sabrina and Salem
Huey, Dewey, and Louie
10. I'm a classic princess. I lost a glass slipper and my ride was a pumpkin. Who am I?
Timon and Pumba
Harry Potter
Hilary Duff

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