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this is a quiz about all my favorite songs. It includes all the hit songs as of now. It is just see how much do you know music. How many songs do you know and do you love.

It is all about how many words do you know. It sets you up by saying a few words from a song. then it give you a few choices of what song it can possibly be. Then you have to choose the correct song that the lyrics are from. Then after the test is over it gives you your results in percents and gives you a brief description of how much of a lyric feak you are.

Created by: frankie
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1. ...I see you baby keep bouncing on yo tippy toes, when the beat drop dip and make yo booty roll
Tootsie Roll
Can you Work with That
Baby Got Back
Everytime the Beat Drops
2. ...Its so hott up in the club that i aint got no shoes on...
Hott in Here
Ay Bay Bay
My Shoes
Party Like a Rockstar
3. ...and now im on the golf course trippin with the osbornes!
The Osbornes
Party Like a Rockstar
Lean Like a Cholo
2 step
4. ...Homies in the park going crazy, cruisin down the block wit cha lady...
Goin Crazy
Give it to Me
Like This
Summertime Anthem
5. ..Because the drugs never work, they're gonna give smirk, cuz they got methods of you clean....
Because I Got High
Do What You Want
6. ....Don't get your steps wrong don't try to fight mine....
2 Step
1,2 Step
Step Like Me
7. ....OOOO when i went away for doing my first crime i never thought that we was gonna see each other...
What I've done
Beautiful Girls
My Crimes
Never Gonna See Each Other
8. I see ya lookin over yo shoulder let me make my way over, escuse miss lady how you doin?......
Sexy Lady
Get it Shawty
MIss Lady
Summertime Anthem
9. ...1,000 miles seems pretty far but they've got planes and trains and cars, i'd walk to you if i had no ther way....
Hey There Delilah
1,000 miles
Ay Bay Bay
10. ..Let me do my dance you do yours, show me what you've got till you're sweatin out your pores...
Get it Shawty
2 Step
Can You Work With That
Lean Like A Cholo
11. ...Like a little schoolmate in the school yard, we'll play jacks and uno cards...
Big Girls Don't Cry
Hey There Delilah
Summertime Anthem
12. ...Thats how its goin down all night long she whispers in my ear says she love my song...
The Way I Are
Like This
Get Low
My Song

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