Name that AC/DC song

There are many AC/DC fans. But only some are true fans like myself. Try this quiz to see how much you know about the songs of AC/DC. You will be given lyrics to songs. You must find the song that they are from. Also there is some song trivia.

Are YOU a true AC/DC fan find out now by taking this great quiz on a great band. It's a long way to the top if you wanna be a true AC/DC fan. Test your knowledge now. For those about to take this quiz I salute you.

Created by: JHatin
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3. Swinging in the chariot round and a round we go, as the senators rehearsed the tale. is from which AC/DC song
Hard As a Rock
Hail Caesar
House of Jazz
4. Well I was out on a drive on a bit of a trip, looking for thrills to get me some kicks. Is the intro to what AC/DC song
Shake your Foundations
Stiff Upper Lip
Give It Up
5. How many times is "thunder" chanted in the song thunderstruck?
6. "they said stop I said go, they said fast I said slow, they said yes I said no" Is part of what Bon Scott song
Hell ain't a Bad Place to Be
Kicked in the Teeth
Bad Boy Boogie
Live Wire
7. What songs do Angus actually use a microphone?
Dirty Deeds + Highway to Hell
TNT + The Jack
Dirty Deeds + TNT
Highway to Hell + TNT
8. How many albums has Brian Johnson helped write lyrics to?
9. The bass guitar can be heard really clear in this song.
Live Wire
Guns for Hire
Can't Stand Still
10. On the album "For Those About to Rock" Which of these does Brian Johnson NOT have
his world keeps tumbling down
he's got fire in his finger tips
he ain't no legend ain't no cause
evil sleeps beside him
11. In the song "Heatseeker" Brian Johnson is talking about what?
a car
a missile
a rocket
a gangbanger
12. In "Flick of the Switch" she can ____
Blow you sky high
Flash the eye
Burn you down
13. Which of these items were NOT part of an AC/DC concert at one time?
A bell
A big hanging ball
A statue of angus
AC/DC dollars
A missile
14. In "Bedlam in Belgium" Brian Johnson has blood running down his back because...
Someone stabbed him
He got cracked in the back with a gun
He cut himself on stage
15. How many arrests were there in the song "Bedlam in Belgium"
16. C.O.D stands for what.
Call of a dog
Cream of a dream
Call on a doctor
Count on the devil
17. Who is a huge fan of AC/DC?
Steven Spielberg
George Lucas
Stephen King
Arnold Shwartzenegger
18. In what song does Brian Johnson have tailored suits, chauffered cars, fine hotels, and big cigars.
Fire Your Guns
First Blood
What do you do for money honey
19. "Fire, when she's going down, fire, then she'll make you drown, fire, then she'll blow you round" Is from which song?
Shoot to thrill
Fire your guns
Guns for Hire
Gimme a Bullet
20. Brian Johnson's _____'s all out of control.
21. Brian Johnson is bruised and broken, bandaged in what song?
Nervous Shakedown
Shake your Foundations
22. True or False: Brian Johnson has sang without his hat onstage for AC/DC

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