My evil character quiz-Which cult do you belong to?

If you had enjoyed my 'Which evil character of mine are you?' quiz, you might enjoy a sort of part two. Would you be one of the five followers? Take this quiz and see who you'd end up following. If you haven't, well, see who you'd be. Enter the lesser evil chambers of my mind, but it may lead to the great evil. Enjoy, if you dare.

Do you serve my evil power? Are you a coward of the lesser organizations who back away and cower before your leader/master? Well, we shall see, won't we? Or, if you can't be head evil, are you truly evil enough to show you are loyal and that you are loyal, and shall do as commanded? Take this quiz, and let your evil innitiation begin!

Created by: Iceclaw
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If a head evil offered you to join into his legion, you would say...
Yes! I will be loyal.
I won't fail. If I do, I'll pay the price nessicary.
What's the catch?
How do I know this isn't a trick?
Nope, I'm gone! (runs)
Let me think on it.
4. What would you eat at a celebration feast after conquering your enemies?
Freshly caught deer.
Live humans!
Whatever fits.
Something to regain energy.
No celebrating yet. Not until our master says it's time.
5. How loyal are you?
Completely! I never waver.
I'm more of a coward, but don't tell my leader that!
I question the decisions sometimes, but I follow.
Want to see for yourself?!
6. You are facing death for betraying your leader. How do you plead?
I went against you, so give me my power!
I didn't do it! Please, spare me!
I did it. I'll not do it again.
Kill me now, I beg you!
I was inflenced by good! I said nothing!
Influenced by good, I might have said some things...
7. Your patrol runs into someone your leader wants captured, you:
Just eat them, it's a free meal!
Knock the victim out and take them to head evil.
Give them a chance to follow willingly, if not, take by force.
Cast a spell to make them come with you.
Use a captured victim(friend/love) and use that to your advantage.
8. What would you rather be?
Mythical creaure
Your own creature
Evil servant
Trusted friend, not just a minon
9. Are you trusted to be apart of your leader's plans?
No, I just follow orders.
Of course!
I easevedrop.
Who cares? Hunt down the enemy!
10. Would you concider yourself evil, or just a recruit?
Got my mind taken over.
Loyal friend who chooses to serve.
Especially choosen, so I serve.
Forced into deal.
No way, I'm a good spy undercover!
11. Would you ever leave your leader?
Yes! I can't take it anymore!
Never. No matter what.
I can't...he/she will kill me!
I'll take my chances. Off with me I go!
(glances around nervously and scream gets cut off)
I'm under someone else's control.
12. Would you ever go up against your leader for their power?
I'd get killed. I'm not dumb.
He/she is weak. I can take him/her.
No. Loyal to the very end.
(yell is cut off)
I would...but...I can't bring myself to do it.

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