Modern Warfare 2: Ultimate Ghost Test

Some people don't care about video game characters. Why is that? Well, they don't have the heart and character themselves. Quite a few care, but if you do, you've got the dignity and spirit yourself.

What if YOU took this quiz? This will cherish Ghost's past all the way to his horrid future. Will you be a Ghost fan or a terrible disgrace? Take this ultimate quiz to find your British heart!!!!

Created by: Ghost
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1. Here's the typical question: Which rank is Ghost?
A sergeant! Because he's not as good as Soap!
....Lieutenant. Too easy, mate.
He's a captain right?
I think Ghost is a general.
Who's Ghost?
Zzzzz i dont know, what?
2. Okay, it gets a bit harder....Well, quite hard: Describe Ghost's past! Hint: And no, Ghost wouldn't want to hear all THAT.
Ghost lived a happy life? I don't know! Stop asking questions!!!!
Um, he was attacked by Roba, blah blah, He was betrayed by Sparks and his friend, and he refused to work for Roba's organization. Then, he got buried alive, and....uh, he jumped out a hotel window....and remembered what Roba said about his family...:)
Ghost was a bad guy. He was with the Day of the Dead celebration, and he worked with Roba. He loved it until he had to join Task Force 141 with that stupid Price and Roach! And soap!
Uhhhhhhhhhhh, hidden from the future, Ghost joined the Task Force 141 because of his family's death, AND because Roba! Ghost will get revenge!
3. Why does Ghost cry every night? (Easy for you to say....)
Roba haunts him in his sleep!
Ghost has nightmares about his past.
Ghost's mum taunts him.
All of the ABOVE!
None of the above:) youre wrong!
I don't know duhhh
4. In the comic, where does the setting take place when A random guy talks about Simon "Ghost" Riley?
An apartment.
A mansion.
A mall!!!
The police station.
5. How did Ghost escape being buried alive?
With a knife he carried along! It took him six hours!
With Roba's jaw! Took him twelve hours!
With nothing. He couldn't escape!!
With Vernon's jaw! Took him thirteen hours!
With his very own hands! Took him 27 hours!
6. What would you describe Ghost as?
Brave! He's the bravest of all bravery combined!!!!
Trustworthy and Kind! He helps his teammates whether he's in danger or not.
Noble. He tries his hardest to get back to where his future ended...
Skillfully Brilliant. He is a bad character who never gets hit or shot! Indestructible.
7. What is Ghost's weakness?
Losing his friends.
Having nightmares.
Suffering of Roba's haunting.
Falling to his death.
Getting blamed for everything.
8. What does Ghost think of himself? Take your time.
He thinks he is selfish and bloody stupid! He is hidden in fear and shame, and cannot smile without a mask.
He thinks he tries very hard, and can't stop!
He thinks he can live forever. That's why he committed suicide....I'm crying now.
I don't know!
Bloody yanks! Ghost thinks of himself as angry and he will avenge Roba!
I don't feel like answering.
9. What time did Ghost pass in the Pit? How did he earn it?
25 seconds; He is very strong.
16.24 seconds; He rushed through it.
18.26 seconds; HELLO? He's fast! (only a pistol)
None of the above
10. At the end of Loose Ends, what did Ghost try to do after Shepherd betrayed Roach?
I can't. I'm crying!!
Ghost tried to get out hid gun and shoot before it was too late.
He tried to catch Roach while he fell!
Hey yelled, "no!" and tried to level his acr
:( why would you ask that, man???
He died!?

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