Miniclip Club Penguin Forums User Agreement Quiz

Take this quiz to see if you really deserve to be on the MCCP forums! A MCCP Master is a true member of the Miniclip Club Penguin Forums. Have you really read the rules?

In just a few minutes you will find out if you're a true MCCP Master! Remember that if you fail this quiz you should read all the rules and pinned threads again!

Created by: Snazzy
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1. What is this forum mainly about?
All miniclip games
Club Penguin
Anything you want
2. When you post something and forgot to include other details, what do you do if no one posted after you?
Edit your post
Post again
Create a new thread
3. What is spam?
A great post. It's usually highly informative.
Double posting, off-topic posts, ect.
I'll get back to you on that.
4. What's an infraction?
It's when you post something good, you get positive points.
It's just a decoration.
It's when you do something against the rules you get negitive points.
5. What is the difference between a warning and an infraction?
Warnings do not have limits, whereas infractions do [five infractions= permaban]
There is none.
One warning means a ban for a whole month.
6. What is the definition of a forum?
Something you use to apply for a job
It's a little chat box where you can talk to people
Message board
7. What is the false rule?
Please do not advertise.
Don't post in hard to read colors.
Don't have multiple accounts.
No hacking discussion.
Don't use the color red unless it's a true emergency.
Look at the pinned threads.
8. What is a moderator?
A new person joining the forum.
Someone who made the forum.
An experienced member who has the power to correct other users, give infractions, and ban people.
9. What is an administrator?
A moderator
Someone who created Club Penguin
Someone who works for or created the forum
10. What is the first posting rank you get?
Iceberg Rider
Newspaper Writer
Please read the rules

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