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Clint7 said:
Jul 24 '14, 4:43AM

Whoa I got 85% well...I'm a crazed fan..but can't say I know everything there is to know..oh well..

Amy3312 said:
Dec 31 '11, 8:11PM

I got 85%. One of my favorite songs made by him is "Remember The time".

mrs jackson said:
Apr 8 '11, 3:09PM

I love michael joseph jackson 4 eva

Pretender said:
Mar 3 '11, 3:29PM

nice quiz

vpbfacebook said:
Oct 13 '10, 9:29PM

I'm dumb i got 90% and i'm 14. My fav Mj songs r
Beat it-Billie jean Black or white yea mj rocks- RIP

vpbfacebook said:
Oct 13 '10, 9:28PM

I'm dumb i got 90% and i'm 14. My fav Mj songs r
Beat it-Billie jean Black or white yea mj rocks- RIP

MJisdabest said:
Apr 25 '10, 4:40PM

y r there so many 13 year old like me here?

MJisdabest said:
Apr 25 '10, 4:39PM

haha, im also 13, and i got the same score!!!

mj_lover_829 said:
Mar 31 '10, 6:21PM

i got 100 im only 13 years old i love him so much rest in peace mj omg it was so funny and soooo sad at the same time when i heard mj died i sat in my room and cried for hours my mom came in after 2 hours in conting my mom slapped the living crap out of me..... anyways my favorite songs i will have to say are thriller,come together,bad,anothe r part of me,break of dawn,heal the world,i just cant stop loving you,dirty diana theres so many more anyways rip mj ur soul and u were beautiful and u will live forever in my heart and alot of other peoples

MJILoveYouu said:
Jan 5 '10, 10:10AM

ohh yeaah
MJ's Biggest Fan (L)
I Got 100% i'm only 13 years old
i lovee him so much;
my favourite songs are probably
Come Together,
One More Chance
This Is It
Give In To Me
Another Part Of Me
Workin' Day N Night
O mg and soooo many more i love him so much he's gorgeous (L)

4evrmjlover said:
Dec 31 '09, 10:42PM

i g0t a 100%!!! at skool im known as the mj fan, haha but i dont care cuz i love mj f0rever

mini mj said:
Dec 20 '09, 9:43AM

i got 100 and im only 10

lil peepz said:
Sep 2 '09, 2:00PM

I got 60 lol!It was a cool quiz!

manta said:
Aug 7 '09, 12:19PM

90% well in school i did a report on him

Bluberryblast said:
Jul 10 '09, 9:48PM

Your Michael Jackson Trivia Score: 30%!

You did not know many of the answers! You must not be much of a Michael Jackson fan, as you definitely don't know a lot about him. But thanks anyway for taking this quiz!

c00ki3xm0n5t3r said:
Jul 10 '09, 1:43PM

haha i got 90%
i like beat it, give in to me, & p.y.t.
r.i.p. (:

X_VampireBird_X said:
Jul 8 '09, 12:02AM

okay i got 100% i am 13 so i mean i know him and luv a ton of is songs including
Beat It
Remember the Time
Blame it on the Boogie
Billie Jean
Smooth Criminal and many more way way weird and wow i didnt know i knew that much about him!?!?!

KamiV said:
Jul 7 '09, 4:33PM

i got 95%...im 13

xx_love_xx said:
Jul 7 '09, 2:00AM

i got 30%
i didnt really know much about him i just listen to music

pokefreak493 said:
Jul 5 '09, 12:31PM

So sad. ;_;
I got 80%.
My fave songs of his are Beat it, Thriller, Man in the Mirror, and You Are Not Alone.

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