meep! if you like halo 3!

hey, like halo and some stoopidity intergrated tests? try this test, some questions are hard, some, not so much, just try itttttttt stoopid sttticky ttt butttttton... dam... good luck tttttttttthough... umm... yea...

there are a lot of halo tests out there, but none quite as stoopid as this one. there are parts that you will learn from, as well as parts that you want to just kick the computer across the room to the parts where your heart beats faster than usual as if you had 10 pots of coffee! just go ahead and start!!!

Created by: Alex of meepsclan
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1. who is the main character?
a cow from mars.
a green dude... (from mars)
master chief
master cheese
goldfish graham crackers
2. what is the best weapon in halo combat evolved?
rokit loncher
spartan lazer!!!
a pistol
plasma rifle!!!
a power poot
plasma grenades!!!
3. who helps the main character in the whole game?
the arbiter
the orbiter
orbitz gum
space cow hamburger man!!!
a little, eensey weensey grunt...
4. what is the first word in the quiz's name?
halo 3
5. can you jack an anti-air wraith in halo 3?
yes, u kan
i don't no...
no, of course not...
6. what color is an anti-air wraith?
purple, duh:/...
redish perpul...
7. where are there four hidden ghosts in the last level?
in arby's butt
under the last ramp leading to the blast doors
at the beginning of the level
there's ghosts in this level??? spooky...
8. what is the first possible skull to find? (halo 3)
tough luck
9. what color are banshees?
purple, duh:/...
purple and green, (UH DUR)
can I have a hint???
10. what color is my elite in halo 3? ( my gamertag is LoBbStAlOrD if you is going to go and look it up on
brown and teal
brown and purple
turd and water
can i have another hint?
11. what is the name of this website?
hint please?
12. can you do a backflip in halo 3?
13. lastly, are you going to download my awesome maps from my fileshare and totally pwn people on them?
no, screw you!

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