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XxSnowtuftxX said:
Aug 23 '14, 11:42PM

Why did I take a quiz about a gay guy O.o

lexieboo said:
Mar 20 '14, 12:17PM

hey he's mine man so you all need to back off. he's an amazing dance and singer. you have a nice body. your tattoo makes me go crazy about you.. I have knew every question about you.. I got the BieberFever.. call me anytime.. your number one fan.. your always lexie

tiarafreeman said:
Mar 9 '14, 6:00PM

hey justin bieber

cecelove said:
Feb 25 '14, 6:48PM

he is not a good singer please

madison03 said:
Nov 12 '13, 2:24PM

I love you and your music

madison03 said:
Nov 12 '13, 2:18PM

I love you and your music

dawn345dawn said:
Aug 5 '13, 12:06PM

shut up awesomegirl90 u don't know that plus Justin has a special voice that no one could beat!!so find something better else to do instead of making fun of JB and get a life!!!

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