Is your boyfriend "Whipped"??

Some couples are meant to last a lifetime. Some are just a fun crush. And some are a match made in HELL! But in order to figure out which of these your relationship is, you have to know how into you your guy really is. So, take my quiz to see if your boyfriend is really "whipped." (For GIRLS only. If youre a guy and you take this, I really hope I dont know you.)

Is your boyfriend totally and completely "WHIPPED"?! Or is he just in this relationship for kicks? (Not meant literally). Take my fricken amazing quiz and find out! (For GIRLS only. Unless youre a gay guy with a boyfriend. If thats the case, free reign lol!)

Created by: brittney

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  1. Youre walking around at recess alone. Youre boyfriend is standing on the other side of the blacktop talking and laughing with his friends. Does he notice you? More importantly, does he come over to be with you?
  2. Youre getting totally flirted up by another guy and he is putting every move he can possibly think of on you. What does your boyfriend do?
  3. Youre sitting on the grass after school talking to your bf. This is a GOOD DEEP talk. A couple of his friends come over, all excited about this new thing theyre gonna try on their skateboards, or this new football thing, or about whatever they and your gu
  4. Has anyone ever said to you that your boyfriend is whipped?
  5. Youre walking down the hallway, and you see your boyfriend with a big group of girls and guys. They start telling him hes SO whipped. Whats his response?
  6. Has youre boyfriend ever arranged his plans around you? Like a party, a dance, a movie? Anything in his daily life?
  7. Has he ever told you he loves you? (Saying he LOVES you is WAY different then he LIKES you, so be careful when you answer this one!)
  8. Do you actually know what "whipped" means?
  9. Ok, I know youre going to hate me for this, but quite honestly, I dont care! If you dont like it, dont take my quizzes anymore. Whats your favorite color?
  10. Ok last question: How long have you guys been going out?

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Quiz topic: Is my boyfriend "Whipped"??