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  • There are no steps in the pyramid those ate bricks representing elders in the nation

    Dadog2212 Feb 26 '16, 3:03AM
  • Ganstaa D Runnin & Flokinn && Us ViceLords Cominn && We Rokinn & Sockinn

    Yunqq ViceLord Feb 24 '16, 2:29PM
  • Yes,my brothers I understand all of you but some bros are not familiar with the basics,but I don't OVERSTAND" why people will post 75 (lit)on the Internet,because if I can't give it to you from a line of communication then you want get it.

    But I am 5 21-22-12 all day LONG LIVE LLOYD, Malik

    Charnellkimble Feb 21 '16, 4:24PM
  • King Neal Wallace is chief ova travelers. ..KNC5olidTVL..get yo s--- right

    MightyMike Jan 20 '16, 10:03PM
  • 99-22-12 muskegon,mi

    thebig420 Dec 22 '15, 2:28AM
  • 22-99-12

    thebig420 Dec 22 '15, 2:26AM
  • Fake niggaz kill me by getting a lil game from the internet then think they down like they got game from the streets then put a quiz on da web like they down real vicelords b---- please cause if you was real you wouldn't put a quiz on da web

    avln Nov 18 '15, 3:56AM

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