Is You A Real Vice Lord

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lordgoody32212 said:
Nov 12 '14, 8:48AM

Any lord in the south especially. Atlanta mob up 4043999922

lord yaseen said:
Sep 13 '14, 11:13PM

La via va va 22-12 CVLN
Live by Da 5-7 till the world blow up b----....

almighty55 said:
Jul 18 '14, 2:33PM

Dubz said:
Apr 27 '14, 1:30AM

La via va va illihah haliliah, brothers & sisters of mines.i come under da Master Sign of lordism. Our minds r beyond disrespecting. To get respect, we must first give it. We are trying to build a righteous Nation, so we may bring a better understanding to those who don't acknowledge that the Vice Lord brother hood, as well as our beautiful Vice Lady's r true being. Let's become stronger for each other. I am you , you are me, our MINDS are the same. We are the Greatest Nation of all time. Thank you. I come as I am, I leave as I came. IIVL

lord stunny said:
Mar 24 '14, 9:59PM

almighty 5OLID WORLD godbody ritehere!bay area and yeah we izzz flyin that five outcheer in kiolla cali!the ball is rollin.the mob is rockin!hola at me!lored stunny!longlive king neal walace!55!

Boaz_5hara5ter said:
Feb 7 '14, 10:06AM

Any vl in Atlanta, Ga im seeking knowledge

yunggunna said:
Feb 6 '14, 12:16PM

UVL all day til da world blow. f--- da 6! fin ball rollin!!

vicious104 said:
Jan 10 '14, 5:57PM


tiffbaby1984 said:
Dec 4 '13, 12:54AM

Who is King Harvey?

realmuffuca said:
Oct 27 '13, 8:26PM

but uh 20 m0b no mob get robbed

Weirdo5 said:
Oct 20 '13, 12:49PM

Bang bang mafia in5ane 5 alive in the 5outh 5o wat5h your mouth all is well.5 5hot5 9ix drop.

Weirdo5 said:
Oct 20 '13, 12:48PM

Bang bang mafia in5ane 5 alive in the 5outh 5o wat5h your mouth all is well.5 5hot5 9ix drop.

babies said:
Oct 15 '13, 12:11AM

thats crazy cuhs Chi-Town be on they s--- . but very like V.L.N''s . r like bloods nd GD's like CRIP's??? realz really not bang'n rite if its not CALI or CHI TOWN. yall different but its coo tho.

babies said:
Oct 15 '13, 12:02AM

vice lord got beef wit CRIP's # insane criiip gang 21 st long beach, CA

a1lord said:
Oct 3 '13, 8:57PM

5 popin 6 droppin my with that 5 all day my nigga

t5t said:
Mar 26 '13, 3:35AM

5 poppin 6 droppin finball steady rollien big ts 20 mobbin to my mf deth

t5t said:
Mar 26 '13, 3:31AM

20 mob in dis b---- jyd junk yard dog all day and dats solid

t5t said:
Mar 26 '13, 3:29AM

tvl all day playa made to da grave

t5t said:
Mar 26 '13, 3:28AM

tvln all day playa made to da grave

Lil trav said:
Feb 10 '13, 6:13PM

What's good it's Lil Trav 3 start ue Lil T fly free fly, pooh bear, moose head ,pep, and bay bay

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