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  • tch, a demon explains why i always feel like theres someone on my back and why i always feel like i am about to fight someone every time i walk around at night. or why i randomly feel like f---ing people up sounds like fun. but none the less its not bad it interests me.

    nickybot Mar 28 '16, 1:59AM
  • A DEMON im a demon

    skip Nov 19 '13, 10:09PM
  • Yay I hav a good ghost following me!!! Strangely where ever I go it feels like there's some1 watching me. =| XD

    fluffykitty Aug 21 '12, 4:55PM
  • No ghost is following me, the only reason why I'm taking this quiz is cause I want to see bloody mary

    Luvonedirection May 10 '12, 8:51PM
  • I got the good ghost! Awesome because I know I have a ghost in my dads house but I wasn't sure which one! So now I know!!! Now I'm nit so scared anymore! My dads house is haunted but not my moms! I'm at my moms right now! But I'm going to dads house next week! Eeeeeeeee!!! I want to contact my ghostly friend!!! I hope they answer to me with my questions! I can't wait!

    truewolf14 Mar 7 '12, 8:45PM
  • OMG i just heard noises and i'm alone with both my cats on my lap, i feel as if someone is watching me, in my mums house lights flicker, there are weird noises, shadows on my curtains of what i think was a man, the kettle moved and all my windows opened by themselves even though they were locked. At my dads I was alone in the house with no pets and i as a joke knocked on the wall three times and someone answered back, there is definently someone watching me, i thought it was the posters but it isn't and my dad's girlfriend is one of those people who sense spirits and see ghosts she said to my dad very randomly in the middle of a conversaton "dean you nan is standing next to you" my great nan died when i was six and my dad was very close to her.

    dora101 Feb 13 '12, 8:56AM
  • I agree with ocean the one with me would do any thing to keep me safe he is my friend and his name is Red

    doterofApollo Feb 4 '12, 11:56PM
  • Is there a ghost following you?
    Your Result: Yes, an evil ghost
    This is a spirit in which does not like you, would like to hurt you, and will not allow you to stay around it. This ghost will often be a cause stress and pain. You need a reverend of whatever religion you are, or if you do not have a religion I would suggest finding one.

    its not booboo hes nice yeah its not he will protect me hes my friend/brother! luv ya booboo!

    ocean Dec 2 '11, 8:16PM
  • That is good. A nice ghost now only if i know who it is.

    Ithorian Jul 24 '11, 3:30PM
  • how do u know if its good or bad?

    kindkittycat Jun 20 '11, 3:18AM
  • Omg no lie he ghost is following me right now and is some girl think she was wearing a black jacket and had black hair OMG I just thought I saw it by my door and it's freaky I know it's nice but still it's scary

    xxemogirlxx111 May 17 '11, 10:19PM
  • Ok so a good ghost is following me wow that's interesting I wonder who it is no one has really died at least no one I knew wen they were living it might be my grandma but u dident even meet her wierd

    xxemogirlxx111 May 17 '11, 10:11PM
  • hmmm... now i am interested a good ghost, thats werid cause too people died on my street close to my house and some my family members died and i have been seeing/hearing things hmmm... maybe i should look into this

    Fearless1111 Dec 7 '10, 9:44AM
  • Strange, it says yes. Weird things have always happened to me so it is to be expected I guess. Strange cuts and pierce marks appearing on me when I was little,and a boy following me only to disappear at the sight of other people.

    kageshisou Oct 16 '10, 8:23PM
  • my friend told me about a boy who was being haunted by 2 ghosts a bad ghost and a good ghost. the bad ghosts was trying to kill him but the good ghost protected him. the bad ghost kept on pulling the boys blanket off him and the good ghost kept on putting the blanket back on him. the bad ghost asked him to get out of this house or you and your family will be killed but the good ghost told the boy don't listn to him i will protect you. this is true. i was scared when my friend told me this.

    tishana21 Oct 10 '10, 5:09PM
  • an evil house is 110 years old im not kidding you can tell ,my friend said she seen a shadow in my house when nobody was in there , i hear something calling my name all the time, you can feel something watching you, ect. its creepy

    xXvampiregirlXx Jun 17 '10, 7:47PM
  • Me too Akiza, but i don't live in Alabama.

    numbuh13 Nov 6 '09, 8:54AM
  • I'm a Christian,and I can't believe a good ghost is following me and guiding me.And at the Alabama History Archive Museum,I did feel a little chill and a voice........

    Akiza Sep 12 '09, 10:11AM
  • It's my house, it's haunted by a good and a bad ghost. I always hear them talking to eachother o>O

    noroka Jul 20 '09, 11:48PM
  • Dammit! An evil ghost is following me!

    Bambi Jul 5 '09, 5:46AM
  • There is no ghost in my life... ohhhh I am so jealous! My best friends can see ghosts and oras and fairies. I can't but I want to! :`(

    Girl12sigh Apr 5 '09, 10:42AM
  • I got a good ghost...

    I hope there's some pretty girl around me now haha!

    Netto PP Mar 31 '09, 10:28AM

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