In which Game of Thrones house do you belong?

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eldertroll said:
Aug 6 '13, 12:46PM


diana328 said:
Jul 31 '13, 7:52AM

Targaryen :X

northernqueen said:
Jul 23 '13, 10:11PM

House Lannister! :D

iamanewuser said:
Jul 4 '13, 5:57PM

I got house Lannister and character quiz told me I was Jaime Lannister :P I disagree, I am nothing like him haha...

organicbunny said:
Mar 25 '13, 5:48PM

House Stark- Winter is Coming!!!!!

jsl200 said:
Mar 19 '13, 4:17PM

house stark and um a personality test i got arya

batman22 said:
Mar 17 '13, 3:38PM

(it don't work I was joking!!!!!!!)

GreenSquid said:
Jan 28 '13, 3:31PM

No one loose their head like *spoiler for some* Eddard Stark. And his boys.

Storm King said:
Nov 25 '12, 9:13AM

I am a Baratheon! Cool!

lucindamae said:
Oct 28 '12, 9:06PM

I'm a Martell, all the way. Sorry!

katd13 said:
Aug 30 '12, 7:18PM

Lannister! And character quizzes give me most like Cersei

Funk420 said:
Aug 16 '12, 12:49AM

House Baratheon I think I'm more of a Martell, but that's not an option.

Mrdork68 said:
Aug 6 '12, 5:33PM

i got house stark i hoped i got a good house and from your comments its pretty good yeah i answered honestly too. cool quiz

AmyMyaMay said:
Jul 15 '12, 12:17AM

Stark. I took this quiz before I started reading the books and was a little worried over whether I got a bad house. But now, all I can think is sweet! Great quiz!

FdeF said:
Jun 16 '12, 3:11AM

Targaryen house, nice quiz!

Stark said:
Jun 2 '12, 3:28PM

house stark suck on that

TheOneWhoKnows said:
Jan 9 '12, 1:42PM


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