In Which Circle of Hell Would You Reside?

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death2juice said:
Jan 20 '16, 9:39PM

I got 100% and belong in a desert of flaming sand with fire raining down upon me.
Yay Jebus!
His love is everlasting.

Yay exotic said:
Apr 30 '15, 11:10PM

I forget what I got...

Mehmeh said:
Dec 19 '14, 9:53PM

0% for all but I technically got Circle.

Mehmeh said:
Dec 19 '14, 9:50PM

0% for all but I technically got Circle.

takers188 said:
Dec 1 '14, 2:11PM

circle 3

ddde said:
Sep 22 '12, 8:00AM

i am kinda out....... circle 2 was hoping to go to circle 7..... i love heat.Lucky i am not in circle 9 hate being frozen

halobata123 said:
Apr 2 '12, 6:59PM

Circle 2

The Popolisk said:
Jan 13 '12, 11:13PM

Circle 6. It doesn't sound that bad.... If it weren't for the fact it's on FIRE. I hate the heat; I'd rather be frozen, thankyouverymuch.

feelsgoodman said:
Dec 23 '11, 11:20PM

so i'm one hell if a sinner. all level's almost equal and full, but 7 tops it, feels good man.

n00neimportant said:
Aug 23 '11, 10:17AM

Im circle two thats god in any way wright?

Dayna96 said:
Aug 2 '11, 7:28PM

I took this quiz for a laugh. Let's see, I'm an Atheist with Pagan parents, I'm a sinner who denies God all of the time... Who's joining me in circle 6 then? (No offence is meant by this comment)

Hunteriscool said:
Jan 23 '11, 2:27PM

i took it again and got 9!!!!!

Hunteriscool said:
Jan 23 '11, 2:23PM

This quiz was awesome And i got 7!

6 6 sick said:
Jan 8 '11, 8:15PM

Circle six.

teddyboo said:
Nov 11 '10, 4:42PM

I got all but two and five-now I have to read about hell!! I certainly don't want to eat filth!! Yuk! Great quiz!

mterps said:
Sep 15 '10, 1:25AM

I answered honestly, got circle 7 and scored very high for circle 5,6,3,8,2 and 9. As an Athiest with a low regard of religion I expected as much.

Suureals12 said:
Jun 28 '10, 5:37AM

Six, Seven, and Nine, I hope we have some contract on which days I'll be spending at whose house.

raven889 said:
Apr 2 '10, 10:33PM

I qualify for 7 AND 9.

AnarchyChick said:
Mar 31 '10, 5:04AM

I got circle three, I'm an atheist shoulda scored way higher than that. But I got really high on 7&8 so maybe this test isnt all false

CaLiFoRnIa said:
Mar 23 '10, 9:49PM

OMG.Ill be burning in the lake.NOOOOO

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