In this particular storyline, which character are you?

In this storyline, its more directed at the male hero, a female love interest and the male best friend of the hero. Their is the / to make it also for the girls (ironic I'm a girl, huh?) So, you are walking along a dark street when you see a beautiful/handsome young girl/boy getting you save them? Do you help your friend save them? Are you the savee? Are you the one attacking?

Find out whether you are the hero/heroine: Adam/Rose; the bestfriend/sidekick: James/Anna; the love interest: Jadeon/Rubia; or the villain: Michael/Lucia!!

Created by: amazon
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. You are walking along a dark street when you see a young teenage girl/boy getting attacked. You:
rush over and help the girl/boy by kicking the villains a$$
you help your friend help the girl/boy
you are the girl/boy
you are the attacker
4. You have saved the beautiful/handsome young girl/boy. They are very shaken. You:
calm them down saying "its alright. I will walk you home, sweetheart."
you crack jokes like "did you see that dudes hair? its like he was attacked by hair gel!"
you are the one being calmed
you are gone, planning revenge upon the two who stopped your evil plan
5. You are offered the young girl/boy's number so they can thank you later. You:
accept. "thank you sweetheart, that's very kind."
smirk. your friend gets all the thanks.
you are giving the number and hope they accept
still planning....
6. You are at home a week later, when you receive a call from the beautiful/handsome young girl/boy. They offer to take you to dinner. You:
accept. "oh, thank you that would be lovely!"
roll your eyes. why does your best friend get all the attention?!
you're the one asking, and you hope the accept. "would you like to go to dinner with me as your reward?"
....grrr I will get you yet girl/boy
7. You are finished with the dinner when the young girl/boy confesses that they like you. You:
smile politely. "I like you too, sweetheart." (and you really do!)
you're not even there...your at home with your pet huskie
you are the one confessing. hope to god he/she likes you, too! "I have a confession to make, Adam/Rose...I like you."
you are watching, disgusted by the comment that should be aimed towards you.
8. So you and the girl/boy are driving home in your car. You reach their house and open their door for them and walk them to their doorstep. You both stop before she/he goes in for the night. You:
smile to yourself, then put your hand lightly on the side of her/his face, and kiss them gently.
again, you are home playing ps2
you are the one standing at the door, hoping to get kissed. (you do!) after he/she lets go of your face, you blush and smile
watch from a distance. that pest! the girl/boy is MINE!!!
9. You are home now, and you are about to go to sleep. What are you thinking about?
that wonderful girl/boy and what soft, tender lips they have
*sigh* the man/woman that saved you and you're replaying the kiss over and over
plotting revenge!!!! the girl/boy was meant to be yours!!!
10. It's the next morning, and you receive a phone call from the girl/boy. You answer. They want to see you again. You:
accept. "sure, honey. what would you like to do?"
are staring at your friend...lucky bastard/b@#$h
are the one asking..."I would like to see you again today, if that's alright."
are plotting plotting plotting
11. You are out together with the young girl/boy. What are you two doing?
we are at an amusement park playing on the roller coasters, sneaking kisses here and there
you're watching the fun from the cotton candy stand. "good for my friend, I hope he/she's happy!"
are at the amuesment park because you are the datee...*thinks* I hope he/she kisses me again!!
plans to destroy their fun by stranding them at the park then scaring them to death
12. You two and your best friend are stranded because someone flattened your tires. You:
simply call a cab and tell your date, Jadeon/Rubia not to worry
roll your eyes...this always happens to you and your friend
you are scared that you won't be able to get home
are laughing behind the bushes are the culprit

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