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  • New account it’s AnimalAveril

    AnimalAveril Dec 2 '17, 2:19PM
  • This is a GREAT quiz. It’s amazing! You guessed my age exactly to the age people think I am I’m impressed.

    AnimalAveril Dec 2 '17, 2:18PM
  • This is a great quiz. But... you said I’m 10-12. (You’re right!) it says if you’re younger YOUR quite mature. It’s you’re. YOU’RE quite mature. Sorry. Yeah, most people think I’m 12 I’m 10 so very accurate (well, I guess it’s mostly because I’m super tall for my age and tallest in my class, lol) Thank you!

    AnimalAveril Dec 2 '17, 2:17PM
  • Wow, you guessed correctly!

    CherryOnTheTop Dec 2 '17, 2:27AM
  • Yes good for you for actually putting effort into an age quiz!

    Stardust1 Sep 28 '17, 9:24AM
  • I love this quiz so much! You don't rely on the first 2 questions and you give more of an accurate answer. Well done!

    Seallbay Sep 25 '17, 2:59PM
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