I can guess your age.

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F_M_L said:
Apr 15 '16, 5:01AM

Already have a life and I'm not 30-40.. I'm 13. This quiz suks man.

dance4ever said:
May 29 '15, 6:19PM

I am ten

lwong said:
May 26 '15, 3:16AM

I am 11 not 1- 10

Ydouneedtoknow said:
May 26 '15, 12:23AM

You didn't get mine I am 11 not 20

oliemars said:
May 21 '15, 3:50PM

i'm 15 and it said 30-40 lmao

shauna matthews said:
May 20 '15, 8:19AM

lolz i am 16 an said i am 1-10, childish i am but i love it and i gesses that i am a bit childish

Lau123 said:
May 20 '15, 3:41AM

Uhh... I already have a life, I'm defs not 30-40 and sorry but ur qiz sux.

Lau123 said:
May 20 '15, 3:28AM

Uhh... I already have a life, I'm defs not 30-40 and sorry but ur qiz sux.

Role Play Girl said:
May 19 '15, 9:51AM


shauna matthews said:
May 19 '15, 6:33AM

prettyinpurple1 said:
May 18 '15, 7:02PM

I'm really 11 but eh I'm still between 1-10 :o maybe I'm one

jayjayrocks12 said:
May 18 '15, 5:54PM

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Dawndragon said:
May 18 '15, 1:36PM

I'm 10 you got it right!
I didn't know most of them so I had to choose Dora and Mickey Mouse
He he!

Neia said:
May 18 '15, 11:14AM


Dark Vladimir said:
May 18 '15, 10:04AM

lolz i am 16 an said i am 1-10, childish i am but i love it

StephenRockers16 said:
May 18 '15, 9:18AM

I got 30-40 90% and 40+ 88% I'm must be VERY mature, since I'm 13.

Hiccstrid said:
May 18 '15, 3:34AM

I got 1-10 and I'm 12 (and act a lot more mature than that)

Remember Joy said:
May 9 '15, 2:02PM

I got 1-10 and I'm 11.

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