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Buddhism is an Eastern belief system that comes from the teachings of the Buddha. Are you interested to learn more about Buddhism? Become enlightened with our quizzes below.

Our Buddhism Quizzes

  • Do You Know About Buddhism
    [by: Lee Rivera, rated: rated: 2.85/5, published: May 3, 2009]

    Take the quiz and test yourself! Remember: When the mind begins to become still, we then begin to truly see it. When you first try to stabilize and pacify the…

  • Buddhist Revision Guide 1: Buddha begins!
    [by: Anna P, rated: rated: 2.73/5, published: Feb 19, 2007]

    OK ... I created this quiz so me and my friends could revise the Buddhism section for our R.E GCSEs... but if anyone else thinks that they want to see if they…

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