how would YOU deal with a vampire?

there are lot's of smart people in the world, but many have no they don't look before crossing a road, or don't think before they speak, and can be very immature. like i say you have to see what your good at.

so do you have a talent for vampireoligy(ok i just made that word up) now you don't have to wonder if you can deal with vampires, or if you would run away scared!

Created by: scarlett kelly
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1. if you saw a vampire trying to kill someone,would you...
ask him to turn you into one
run away screaming
try to kill him yourself
2. what objects kill a vampire...
silver bullets,stakes,affected blood
holy water,crusifix,garlic
sunlight,crosses,animal blood
3. what supernatural being would you be if you had to kill a vampire...
duh, a slayer
a were wolf
a vampire
4. in buffy the vampire slayer, in season 6 who did buffy fall in love with...
5. if you were trapped in a vampires leir would you...
tell him to put you out of your misery
swear at him
try to escape when he goes out at night
6. your best friend claims that she's a vampire do you...
believe her straight away, you always believe a friend
tell her she's a big fibber
look into it
7. your boyfriend/girlfriend is a vampire, the slayer is after him/her, she questions you do you...
tell her where he/she is,a vampire is a vampire
tell her she's crazy and that there is no such thing as vampires
tell her that he/she is not a vampire, it's someone else
8. your mother becomes a vampire, she asks you to join her as a vampire...
kill her
no way
join her
9. you get really ill, and the synmtoms of turning into a vampire are occuring, do you...
kill yourself
look forward to what awaits you
you can't do anything about it
10. what is an awakening...
getting craves for blood all of a sudden
getting fangs
finally getting all the gifts of a vampire, speed, strength ect.

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