How will you look like 10 years from now?

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Boogerdam98 said:
Apr 10 '16, 9:07PM

swagsome22 said:
Jan 5 '16, 7:15PM

i got pilot not what i was exepting but my momma gonna be proud of me

Dark Vladimir said:
May 20 '15, 12:34PM

LOTS of people will love you!

10 years from now your gonna be the best thing that happened in everyone's life.Do you wanna know why? Well,becuase basically YOUR PERFECT! EVERYTHING on you is perfect from the bottom to the top.And mostly your Personalality.That' s what they love about you to because its 10000x perfect!!Just continue being you from now until 10 years from now and don't change from the person you are now. you hear me?I really hope so.Mamma will be broud of you and your 10000x perfect life. The world and I love you! Have a great life beautiful

i call bulls--- life is s--- n practically everyone i know hates me so yea

Boogerdam98 said:
Mar 7 '15, 4:16PM


EagleHeart said:
Mar 6 '15, 2:33PM

Camelia said:
Mar 4 '15, 7:30PM

Great quiz! It is true that everyone is beautiful!

stargazer5660 said:
Mar 2 '15, 10:45PM

My result: funny and beautfiul!
Lol my friends always tell me im funny :P

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