How Wilkes-Barre Are You?

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Jan 22 '13, 8:12AM


amanda12904 said:
Dec 10 '12, 2:21AM

S&W. That is all.

1800iluvpopcorn said:
Jun 19 '11, 5:02PM

i'm 37% wilkes barre? I LIVE IN WILKES BARRE! I GO TO SCHOOL.....guess where? just guess!...... WILKES BARRE! and just so u know that the arena is the mohegan sun arena not the wachovia arena..... the name got changed, so when that happened than you should have EDITED the quiz!! this quiz is total poop!!!!!!!!!!!!! like most of the food they sell at the MOHEGAN SUN arena AT CASEY PLAZA!!!! u r so retarted!

a_tru_wbian said:
Sep 14 '08, 9:37AM

I am born and raised Wilkes Barrian and I thought they should have atleast asked tougher questions..

ilikeink said:
Jun 22 '08, 3:05PM

this quiz sucks. i'm not even from PA and I got 96%

tinker1206 said:
Apr 10 '08, 7:17PM

wow...i am 99% w/b and i didn't even live there my entire guess i spent way to much time there

Mama Juggz said:
Apr 4 '08, 8:47PM

ps...Bishop O'Reilly NEVER had a senior week so i couldn't answer that

Mama Juggz said:
Apr 4 '08, 8:43PM

I never went to the brewery or the powerplant ( I went to Catholic school)...which by the way NEITHER are in wilkes barre...the power plant is in Berwick and the brewery in W-B is the LION brewery....Blue Bottom is an American Water Comp ( or what ever it's called now) dam where it is illegal to even die there every summer.....

QueenB said:
Apr 2 '08, 7:38PM

Regarding the power plant, it wasn't even around when I was a kid. If I was asked, when did the Aquadome ever cover the pool area? I would answer never!!! What a waste of money and a let down for the kids. I remember they had this big contest to name the pool when I was in 5th grade. I scored 88 points so that means I'm sane. Whew!!! And Just what is a blue bottom? I''m afraid to ask. LOL

eagle said:
Feb 29 '08, 10:16PM

some of these place aren't even in w-b any more

Queenmary said:
Feb 27 '08, 2:56PM

Some of these could have multiple right answers. So I agree, I'd like to see what the "supposed" correct answers are!

arlarl said:
Feb 23 '08, 12:25PM

did u mean first union arena? not everyonr visited the power plant

tdeuce11 said:
Feb 19 '08, 9:32PM

I second harry the hat, where are the correct answers, or ones that made us score lower than 100%?

NEPA4EVA said:
Feb 14 '08, 11:37AM

in reference to arena intern- it simply asks the name before it was Wachovia... not original name.. just the name BEFORE...

harrythehat said:
Feb 13 '08, 9:36AM

where's the answers?

SoapGoodies said:
Feb 9 '08, 3:55PM

Actually I didnt visit the Brewery OR the Power Plant ever, but had to pick "1". Does that make me LESS a Wilkes-Barrian?

ArenaIntern said:
Jan 23 '08, 12:56PM

All answers to question #3 are wrong!!! The original name (BEFORE anyone bought the naming rights) was the Northeastern Pennsylvania Civic Arena and Conference Center.

Puresweetness182 said:
Jan 1 '08, 10:47PM

I don't know if this is a good or bad thing that I am 100%, but Rock On!

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