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breadboy69 said:
Sep 21 '17, 11:04AM


Laurenxp said:
Apr 18 '17, 7:59PM

Im white and I get 14%? The hell

Zo Martin said:
May 10 '16, 1:11PM

This so.......DAMN RACIST!!! I CURSE YOU

secretuser97 said:
May 6 '16, 7:09AM

28 percent white is stupid im more of 19 percent wish i was more latina than a cracka i hate being accused of sound proud to be a brownie

secretuser97 said:
May 6 '16, 7:06AM

Melt said:
Apr 16 '16, 9:45PM

I'm biracial (Hispanic and white), even though I look white and pale. Most of my tan blends nicely on to my arms and legs. I'm only 26% white according to this quiz. To make it clear to everyone, the creator meant the white STEREOTYPE, not your actual race. This was a good quiz. :)

IvystarGecko said:
Apr 2 '16, 7:57PM

What? I may not be white at all? I look in the mirror my face is ghostly white. I am only about 17 white!? Really?

DBZfan1996 said:
Jan 3 '16, 6:39PM

I'm a White guy trapped in a Black guy's body and I got 17%...?! Impossibru!

O1Awesomeness said:
Jan 3 '16, 4:03PM

Are you supposed to be white in order to take this quiz? Because I'm black and I got 17% white. My friends say that I'm a white guy trapped in a black guy's body (kinda like Wasabi from Big Hero 6) but I can finally prove to them that I'm full black.

Jazzy298 said:
Dec 29 '15, 11:27PM

what someone said on here that was freakin funny tho.

Jazzy298 said:
Dec 29 '15, 11:24PM

I'm only 16% white but yet I'm white wow I'm surprised that they didn't have music questions in this wow. I feel great!

Whiplash said:
Aug 23 '15, 7:55PM

38% and I'm white. Surprised there were no Starbucks questions XD

Lol8Lol said:
Aug 14 '15, 2:39AM

This quiz is quite racist i mean if a persong gwts 0 percen t white or something

batman12506 said:
Jul 14 '15, 9:17AM

I'm 28% uhhhh

Banaaman1800 said:
Jun 20 '15, 8:26PM

I got 28% white and I'm not white so I guess its right lmao

WizardJenni said:
Jun 8 '15, 12:31PM

I'm not white? Eeeeeh, but I am!! I'm not negga...

XXbritishgirlXX said:
May 30 '15, 1:56AM

i dont get this what is the steriotypical white? b/c im defenatly white...

Musclewerewolf said:
Apr 14 '15, 9:06AM

Ugh I'm black and I got!?

Ange Kaperonis said:
Apr 7 '15, 4:01PM

Hi I'm Angela Kaperonis I got 72 percent white, well I am Greek and exotic mix, I dare my italian boyfriend Mario do this quiz. It's awesome

parisfrance said:
Mar 15 '15, 6:05PM

I got 40 white and I actually am white

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