How Well Do You Know Yu-Gi-Oh!

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AnimeCat115 said:
Jul 19 '15, 8:00PM

0 percent

derpy said:
Dec 2 '13, 11:15PM

i got 79%

derpy said:
Dec 2 '13, 11:14PM

i got79%

derpy said:
Dec 2 '13, 11:13PM

i got 79% dueling pro

xxemogirlxx111 said:
Aug 27 '11, 12:38AM

93% yay but I didn't understand the one about the enemy cuz marik peagusis (sorry I can't spell) alister and zigfried were all enimies at least at one time

omega_i_be said:
Apr 21 '10, 12:36AM

86% pro.

Lloyd said:
Sep 3 '09, 6:31PM

YES!!!!!! I GOT 100%!!!!! I've been a fan of Yu-gi-oh since it came out, so I'm not real surprised that I got a good score, but I didn't expect to get 100%. Awesome.

Ansa89 said:
May 13 '09, 9:52PM

i'm a tea gardener. i don't know a lot about yu-gi-oh, but i know about yu-gi-oh 5ds.

Soniya said:
Apr 10 '09, 9:18AM

Well I am a pro but these Q. are crazy, i beat my sis 10 times, now tht says it all

BloodlustSweden said:
Mar 27 '08, 1:48PM

You are 78% dueling pro!

You are "The Prince of Games", a little more hard work and you could be the "King of Games". You could possibly defeat Kaiba at this point.

airmastr said:
Nov 1 '07, 9:15PM

55% dueling pro

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