How well do you know your Delta Blues and Quantum Physics?

Some might say that quantum mechanics, via string theory, proves the existence of the Delta Blues, and potentially might offer clues as to where it REALLY came from.

Other than that, they have nothing in common. But what does that have to do with anything? You should probably know something about both of them anyway, if you ever plan on making any real contributions to society. So test your knowledge, and see what you've got to learn.

Created by: Megan Romer of Megan's MySpace Page
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3. Which of the following men is NOT considered a Delta Blues musician?
John Lee Hooker
Robert Johnson
Howlin' Wolf
Blind Willie McTell
4. Quantum Physics is more appropriately known by which name?
Particle Physics
Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Relativity
Particle Relativity
5. McKinley Morganfield was better known by what name?
T-Model Ford
Howlin' Wolf
Muddy Waters
6. A subatomic particle which experiences a strong nuclear force is known as a what?
7. Led Zeppelin covered "When the Levee Breaks" a song originally penned by whom?
Mississippi John Hurt
Memphis Minnie McCoy
Big Bill Broonzy
8. Which scientist applied Planck's quantum idea to explain the Photoelectric Effect, thus paving the way for modern Quantum Physics?
Neils Bohr
Albert Einstein
Werner Heisenberg
Guenter Wendt
9. "Hard Time Killing Floor Blues" was originally recorded by which Delta Blues guitar player?
Chris Thomas King
Skip James
Son House
Willie Brown
10. Is light a wave or a particle?
11. Which Mississippi Sheiks song is the predecessor to "Smokestack Lightning", a major blues hit for many performers?
The Jazz Fiddler
Sitting on Top of the World
Bootlegger's Blues
Stop and Listen Blues
12. Which slightly absurd thought experiment attempted to illustrate the incompleteness of early interpretations of Quantum theory?
Pavlov's Dog
Schrodinger's Cat
Occam's Razor
Pascal's Wager

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