How well do you know Thriving Ivory lyrics?

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Many people in the world claim to be fans of bands, but they only pay attention to the beat of a song, and not the lyrics, so how do you know if you're a true fan, or just a "fan"?

If you listen to Thriving Ivory, you may or may not know that Thriving Ivory is most often known for their meaningful lyrics. How well do you know them?

Created by: amazon
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3. "She swears this life is often (?). She can't relate to a world that only knows her by her face. Is there anyone still breathing? And she thinks that I'm the one that makes it rain."
Incredibly boring
I don't know
4. "Don't wake me 'cause I'm dreaming of (?), where everyone you know never leaves too soon."
Being home with you
Never forgetting my shoes
Angels on the moon
I don't know
5. "Tell me 'bout your (?) and all the things you've seen. Tell me what you think of me."
Secret life
Second wife
Endless strife
I don't know
6. "Say hello to a (?)- not worry 'bout her thoughts, or if she's found something wrong. I don't ever wanna change her. . ."
I don't know
7. "Are you gunna (?)? Are you gunna (?) till you can't anymore? 'Cause you know it's gunna hurt, you know it's gunna hurt with your heart on the floor."
I don't know
8. "Show me what it looks like outside your window at (?). Is it me that you see, dancing on a line, singing 'I could be yours if you would be mine'?"
I don't know
9. "(?) whenever you need me. (?) whenever I'm gone for too long. If your lips feel lonely and thirsty, (?) and wait for the dawn."
Shave your legs
Count the stars
Kiss the rain
I don't know
10. "Now (?) takes a backseat to oblivion. The quite type of emotion, and God, I wish her well."
I don't know
11. "You could re-arrange the stars and make them all your own, but you can't fall in (?)"
Hate alone
Love alone
A hole without being pushed
I don't know
12. "(?), I don't wanna fight. Like pretty girls need cowboys, I need you here to-night."
Sorry dude
Hey lady
I don't know
13. "And I said, who will bring me flowers when it's over? And who will give me comfort when it's cold? And who will I belong to when the day just won't give in, and who will tell me how it ends and how it all began?"
Flowers for a ghost
Flowers for your mum
Flowers when I'm over
I don't know
14. "Like a (?), I spend these nights counting stars like a (?), and maybe I could call this home to-night."
I don't know
15. "I guess it's true- maybe this world was just not meant for me, (?)."
I guess everyone hates me
Wow, I must be lazy
She must think I'm crazy
I don't know
16. "I could end up in flames, she'd (?) love me! My heart out of place, she'd (?) love me!"
Try to
I don't know
17. "This is not good-bye, I'm always (?)"
Gunna die
On your side
Dead inside
I don't know
18. "So hold on, we've got our wings and we're chasing the wind, farewell to all the places we have been, and if it takes us all night long, we're going back (?)"
Where we belong
To sing a song
To your mum's
I don't know
19. "Why don't you come down Mississippi, to-night? As we all watch under big lights, yeah."
Fly a kite in Mississippi
A song in Mississippi
Light up Mississippi
I don't know
20. "I remember streets coloured white, and I remember a long to-night. Said (?) will be lit up with lights, and I see you walking to me."
Our November
Our December
Our September
I don't know
21. Thriving Ivory is. . .
The best thing EVER!
All of the above
22. Now that's you're done with this quiz, you're going to. . .
Leave a comment asking me to do one of these for a band or singer you love.
Listen to Thriving Ivory.
Shave your legs.
Find Stacey's mum.
Hug a gorilla.
Marry Clayton Stroope.

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