how well do you know the Weasleys? a quiz on them

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do you have a chance at going into the weasley wizard weezes joke shop un armed? lets find out now! are you a true weasley fan or not?! :D :) :D :) :D

well what are you waiting for?! sitting here and reading the instructions! start taking the quiz! why are you still reading this?! come on people, start the quiz! ;)

Created by: amazon
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1. from whom did Ron receive a howler?
Arthur Weasley
Kingsley Shacklbolt
Molly wheasley
Bill weasley
The Minister Of Magic
2. Who did Ron want to go to the yule Ball with?
Lavender Brown
Cho Chang
Hermione Granger
Luna Lovegood
Hannah Abott
3. how did Ron brake a leg?
Lupin bit him
The Whomping Willow
Sirius bit him
Hermione tripped him
Severus jinxed him
Harry punched him
4. With what did Ginny write on the walls in book two?
a spell
butter bear
carved it with a basilisk fang
5. Who killed Fred
Lupin as a werewolf
An unknown death eater
6. Who did Ron fall in love with when he ate love potion?
Romilda Vane
Lavender Brown
Hermione Granger
Cho Chang
7. What was the epilogue in the Deathly Hallows called? (i know it doesn't have to do with the Weasleys)
Eighteen years later
The boy who lived
Ginny Potter
Nineteen years later
Hermione Weasley
Harry's children
8. what did the weasley twins name their shop?
The Maurderers map
Weasley wizard shop
weezing weasely wizards
weasleys wizard weezes
down on Malfoy!
weasley tricks
9. why did Harry give his triwizard money to the weasley twins?
Because they loved money
For their family
to pay for the Marauder's map
for their joke shop
for their secret money vault
for more floo powder
10. how long had "Scabbers" been in the Weasley family?
12 months
3 years
20 years
19 years
13 years
12 years

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