How well do you know Taylor Swift?

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Beverlyreagan said:
Mar 26 '15, 2:10PM

Alyssa, harry styles is a idiot he dumped taylor and he is NOT your babe so get over it because you and him are never even going to be friends and taylor is awesome n harry is stupied n f--- him!

SadieRickards said:
Aug 1 '14, 1:45AM

Damn @AlyssaMissa10 Harry dumped her...

AlyssaMissa10 said:
Jul 21 '14, 2:12AM

I say f*** Taylor Swift.. But I took the test and I got 100%.... F*** her for dissing meh bae (Harry Styles)

Cherry888 said:
Apr 24 '13, 3:10PM

Me 40% I know every thing bout taylor so ur a lie sorrry but its true

Happy AJ said:
Mar 22 '13, 1:59AM

Me too i got 100%
whoa Taylor swift you r awesome

AliZoey said:
Jan 2 '12, 8:15PM

All correct lol

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