How Well do You know Seven Super Girls

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sabrinafan17 said:
Jun 18 '16, 2:54PM

Dear ssg I am a realy big fan my name is Sabrina and I am 9 years old and my dream is to be on your channel you guys are so funny . When I get on youtube the only thing I look up is ssg . Every time I watch ssg I ask my mom to be on your channel . Before I watch your videos before I start my homework . You guys are the best youtube channel in the universe. I hope you guys never quit . I think that someday I will audition for your channel maybe.I will see your videos every week bye and keep making more videos.Oh and I have a question whens the next audition I realy want to know?

Fayezah said:
Jun 6 '16, 2:27PM


Fayezah said:
Jun 6 '16, 1:26PM

SSG I love you

ccsparkle said:
May 18 '16, 10:53PM

Hi ! Um jazzy please read this if not then ok I'm fine with that but I gotta a say you changed my life around .Please never quit YouTube because even though I'm 13 when I'm older I want my kids to watch you . You are a life changer you are funny kind and sweet actually me and you have a lot in common . But I'm not all these other girls who keep bugging you for your number or for you to text them that's dumb.Im in love with both your channels and I think you could be great at acting but just there is one thing I have to tell you ........ Please do not take this dramatically .............. GOD BLESS YOU!

ccsparkle said:
May 18 '16, 10:47PM

Princess123456 said:
Feb 23 '16, 6:35PM

I think that everyone that said," Plz give me your number, I want to text you," I think that you guys should just leave them alone!! They don't want you guys to know about their number or privacy!! I'm a fan and I watch their videos EVERYDAY!! Just don't say any private questions that they won't answer.. So ya bye!!

jenna arrend said:
Dec 25 '15, 11:18PM

Hey i love my fans

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