How well do you know selena gomez?

Some people just say ''I am a fan Of Selena Gomez!I think you should really take this quiz.Lovers me! I think everybody should try.Good lovvers good work

Do you Like her?I love her!Do you?Well in just a minute you'll find out!Until now you can wonder if your a fan or a slam!True fans are made for this quiz

Created by: cats
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1. When was she born?
31 July 1890
22nd July 1992
1st January 1992
23rd October 1991
6 March 2000
18th April 1994
2. Who is her best friend?
Justin Bieber
Joe Jonas
Miley cirus
Katy Perry
Demi Lovato
Micheal Jackson
3. What was her first tv show and what age?
Barney & friends,age 7
Gossip Girls,Age 10
Teletubis,Age 3
Hannah Montana,Age 11
Lost,Age 14
Sex in the city,Age 16
4. What is her star sign?
5. Favourite restaurant?
Eddie Rockets
6. What is selena gomez'z strange talent?
3 tumbels in a row
Super speed at swiming
Spit gum in the air and catch it back again
Eating three extra large chips in t 10 mins
7. Where was she born?
Grand Prairie,Texas
8. What is her Favourite tv show?
Gossip Girl
9. What are the real names of the people she stars in wizard of warvely place?
David Henerie,Justin Russo,Harper Fincal,Dad,Maria Cancergirl
Alex Russo,Jake tootoo,Lilly Osment
David Henrie,Jake T Austin,Jennifer stone,David DeLuise and aria Canals Barrera
10. Which one of these is NOT Selena Gomez'z song
A year without you Is like a year without rain
Not afraid

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