How Well Do You Know "Percy Jackson and the Olympians?

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tiger678 said:
Mar 6 '16, 5:14PM

Your knoldge of Percy Jackson and the Olympians is 90%!


You are awesome! You are amazing! You are great! You are supercalifragilisti c-expialodocios! You are... wait a second. No professionals allowed!

percabeth4ever said:
Apr 6 '15, 12:10AM

Epicminerpro said:
Dec 27 '14, 9:58PM

Minecraft rules b----ez

Epicminerpro said:
Dec 27 '14, 9:56PM

He was 12 when he was a half blood! I agree
No offense but I thing this guy should put more questions including
Zoe nightshade Bianca and deadalus

Epicminerpro said:
Dec 27 '14, 9:53PM

Elane evans, what a lye

joeschroe98 said:
Jan 8 '14, 9:54PM

Percy was twelve in the book because the 5th book the prophecy was one demigod of the eldest 3 gods will reach the age of 16 against all odds and annabeth was twelve in the 1st book and they r the same age:-)

Elaine Evans said:
Jul 24 '13, 10:13PM

Strange things have been happening lately... Hey, IF I was a demigod, and I hear whispering like all the time but can't make out the words, do you think I'm hearing monsters, or something? Also, is it weird if this summer after I turned 15, I started seeing more bugs than usual in my apartment, and I would always see them coming towards me before I kill them? I always feel like I'm being watched... and I went outside, today, for a moment just to get some fresh air and this boy walked by me and he was staring at me with big cold brownish-black eyes... It was so creepy, it was like he was staring into my soul trying to kill me from the inside-out or something, what a creep... I'm serious, I think both of his eyeballs were almost pure black... Scary... :/
I swear, I have the worst luck... :/

Elaine Evans said:
Jul 24 '13, 10:10PM

mythgirl61: Actually that prophecy wasn't exactly for Percy... It was more like for Luke and barely for Percy, which he was kinda relieved about... I'm sorry but it had to be said...

mythgirl61 said:
Feb 29 '12, 7:24PM

Plus e eryone knows if he was 16 when he discovered Camp Half-Blood than he would have chose to kill or save the Gods as soon as he found out. IDIOT!!!

mythgirl61 said:
Feb 29 '12, 7:22PM

Ex-cu-use me?! I LOVE Percy Jackson and The Olympians with all my heart. And this guy has the nerve to tell me to re-read a chapter?! I read the God dam books 4 frickin' times!!!!!

thaliaisawesome said:
Sep 10 '11, 4:25PM

they do make a good couple :D

thaliaisawesome said:
Sep 10 '11, 4:21PM

what the heck not 16 jeez get ur facts right 90% wouldve got 100

twister489 said:
Feb 16 '11, 2:09PM

he wuz 12 get ur fax rite

squidgybop said:
Feb 11 '11, 8:45PM


SimlishSammy said:
Jul 2 '10, 2:48AM

Wait a sec...16?!? He's 12 when he learned he's a demi-god!

tomboy9876 said:
Jul 1 '10, 8:18PM

Jeez, get ur facts rite, dude! Im w/ everyone els on this! 12!

Annabeth 4ever said:
Apr 11 '10, 12:46PM

Percy J. waz 12 not 16 you stupid...Annabeth and Percy are a good couple

karatekid23 said:
Mar 20 '10, 9:35PM

percy was 12 not 16. also you are probably not a very good fan if you dont know the basics, although you still know more advanced stuff.

karatekid23 said:
Mar 20 '10, 2:30PM

not to be mean but everybody is right you should really get your facts staight

karatekid23 said:
Mar 20 '10, 2:28PM

what the heck! percy isn't 16 until the last episode he was 12 in the first one wich is the one when he finds out he's a half-blood duh

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