How well do you know mystery fiction?

Mystery fiction has always been and remains one of the most popular genres. It encompasses a wide variety of forms, from the fair-play whodunit to the caper and the hardboiled P.I. novel.

How well do you know mystery fiction? Are you an occasional reader, a simple fan or an expert? This is what this test will tell. Don't be afraid: it won't kill you!

Created by: Xavier Lechard
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1. The "Big Three" of hardboiled fiction are Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler and...
Mickey Spillane
Robert B. Parker
Ross MacDonald
Richard S. Prather
John D. MacDonald
Lawrence Block
2. What American mystery writer was responsible for the creation of Parisian Juge d'Instruction Henri Bencolin?
Marten Cumberland
Anthony Boucher
Ellery Queen
John Dickson Carr
Cornell Woolrich
3. What is the first name of Monsieur Lecoq?
4. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle partially modelled Sherlock Holmes after a real-life person. Who was it?
Sir Henry Irving
Dr. Joseph Bell
John Stuart Mill
Edgar Allan Poe
5. What organization presents the Edgar Allan Poe Awards?
The Crime Writers Association
The Detection Club
The Mystery Writers of America
The Swedish Crime Writers Academy
6. What fictional detective was modelled after British author (and mystery writer) G.K. Chesterton?
Dr. Gideon Fell
Nero Wolfe
Sir Henry Merrivale
Senator Brooks U. Banner
7. The paternity of the hardboiled school is usually attributed to:
Dashiell Hammett
Raymond Chandler
Carroll John Daly
Paul Cain
8. What famous detective lives at 132 Boulevard Lenoir in Paris?
Superintendent Adamsberg
Arsène Lupin
Joseph Rouletabille
Saturnin Dax
Superintendent Jules Maigret
9. Donald E. Westlake's most famous creation is a sympathetic burglar going by the name of...
Bernie Rhodenbarr
A.J. Raffles
Simon Templar
John Dortmunder
10. Who wrote The Singing Sands?
Ngaio Marsh
Margery Allingham
Josephine Tey
Agatha Christie
Dorothy L. Sayers
11. Unlicensed private investigator and former alcoholic Matt Scudder was created by...
Robert B. Parker
Bill Pronzini
John Lutz
Lawrence Block
Richard S. Prather
12. Which of the following books did Cornell Woolrich NOT write?
Deadline at Dawn
The Bride Wore Black
Night Has A Thousand Eyes
A Hell of a Woman

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