How well do you know Megaman? Part 2

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Mega Man He's my buddy How much do you know about him? I know a lot, do you? Let's see what you get internet friendos Good luck~ Really, you might need it.

I can't think of anything else. Pleasse just continue and take the quiz. The first paragraph told you all the needed information. Word limits are too much

Created by: zeronightshade
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1. In the beginning of Legends 2 the Flutter is set ablaze. What caused that?
The Bonnes attacked
Freak engine explosion
Data tried making pizza
2. In Mega Man X 8 on ps2, it is possible to fight Cutman in the Troia Base stage. How is this done?
By having Mega Man Anniversary Collection data
By having Mega Man X Command Mission data
Passing all the tests with high scores
3. If X has the Z-Saber in X 3 it is possible to kill almost all bosses in one hit. Which boss can't be killed in one hit?
Blizzard Buffalo
Bit & Byte's super form
Toxic Seahorse
Crush Crawfish
4. In Mega Man ZX Advent it was possible to get medals by achieving certain conditions during boss battles. What do you get after getting all the medals?
Biometal Model a
Model OX
5. How were Mega Man Zero's Four Guardians created?
Ciel built them
They are parts of X's personality given form
They were created by Weil
They were created during X 5 and after the time skip, fought with X and Zero in the Elf Wars
6. What movie do Geo and his friends go to see in Star Force 2?
Blue Battle Bot
The Legend of the Hero
Marino's Cinnamon
Ghost Dusters
7. Mega Man Volnutt made his first fighting game appearance as:
A trophy in Super Smash Bros. 4
He got a mention in Onimusha: Blade Warriors
A secret character in Marvel vs Capcom 2
A playable character in Tatsunoko vs Capcom
8. What factors set Forte/ Bass.exe apart from other Net Navis?
Forte/ Bass has two operators and can manipulate aspects of the internet
Forte/ Bass is autonomous and has the Get Ability program. This allows him to absorb the abilities of defeated enemies. Thanks to his absortion of the Life Virus he is nearly invincible due to the Life Aura.
Forte/ Bass can spread viruses and infect other Navis with viruses
9. True or False Mega Man can think for himself
10. True or False Mega Man X and Zero are Reploids?
11. Which Mega Man characters make appearances in Project X Zone?
Tron Bonne, Iris, Colonel, Sigma, and Roll
Zero, Colonel, and Mega Man Volnutt
Protoman, Dr. Wily, Duo, Vile, and Quint
Quint, Punk, and Gospel
Mega Man X, Zero, Iris, Tron Bonne, Servbots and Vile
12. The music for Wily stage 2 has been covered by many musicians. Which of the below musicians have not done covers?
Jam Project
Team Nekokan
Brental Floss
13. The Japanese commercials for Mega Man Legends (Rockman Dash in Japan) advertised it as what genre?
3D Platformer
Third person shooter
Action adventure
Action RPG
14. What is the major difference between the North American ending of Mega Man 7 and the Japanese ending?
The North American version uses a different song
Mega Man is slightly discolored in the North American ending
Dr. Wily is placed further to the left in the Japanese ending.
Mega Man is prepared to kill Wily in the North American ending. He has his buster aimed at Wily, while glowering. He charges a shot and says he's gonna do what he should have in the first place. In the Japanese ending, he stands silently.

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